Xbox Game Pass: Soul Hackers 2 will join Wo Long in the coming days

Already expected for the beginnings of To Long: Fallen Dynasty, the new Action Mas core Ninja action game, the next wave of games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers is enriched with Soul Hackers 2, the latest RPG from Atlas released in
last August.
Belonging to the big Shin Megami Tense family, as its name does not indicate, Soul Hackers 2 is far from having had the impact of a persona 5 or even a Shin Megami Tense V, to be honest.

Implicitly cataloged among the recent commercial failures of SEGA during its latest financial results, the RPG around a turn will therefore try to revive itself by joining the Xbox Game Pass catalog from February 28 on console, Cloud and PC.


On the same day, the Magic Cube studio will offer Mound & Blade, a mixture of puzzle game and automatic combat game released on Steam without making a stir in June 2021. The month of March will start with F1 22 as part of the
EA Play subscription which always benefits the Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers, but the lovers of Souls-Like especially checked the date of March 3, the day of the launch of To Long: Fallen Dynasty, the latest of the creators of Nigh ( Ah!) And of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (Ah…).
They arrive in the Game Pass
In the list of departures, it will be necessary to draw a line on a certain number of notable games from February 28, including Alien Isolation, Dragon Ball Fighter and Sociopath Traveler.