Harry Potter Magic Alley Arrives in Mexico: Experience the Magic of Hogwarts Legacy at This Epic Event!

Since Hogwarts Legacy launched a few days ago, the interest in the Harry Potter franchise has returned to fans who thought the franchise was at rest.
And it seems that experiences want to continue expanding, since an activation known as the Magic alley will arrive in Mexico very soon.
This activity arrives exclusively to the Naturally Park in the State of Mexico, as a more concrete reference is that it is in front of the satellite towers, in the peripheral.

Among the activities to be found we have the Quidditch tournament, as well as the four houses, a contest that will test the knowledge of fans.
Of course, also the new candidates for the magical world will be tested to see which Hogwarts house belong, this in order to take them to their respective teams.


For its part, the merchandise of the saga was not going to be missing, so many articles of this world created by J.K.
Rowling and adapted by Warner Bros.
Something that also draws a lot of attention, is that there will be an area called as a magical dining room, and this indicates that there will be a franchise dishes or at least with their respective names.
It will be that perfect place to take a snack, as well as rest among physical activities such as the sport of magicians.
Remember that Harry Potter’s magic alley will be held on February 26.
Via: Magic alley (buy tickets in the link)
Editor’s note: Not long ago, the winter dance was also called, which also had its respective theme of the franchise.
Without a doubt, it is a good idea to spend time as a family.