World of warcraft

0.7 launch – Class Tuning Update


  • Condition
  • Dark Mastery currently boosts the damage to Shadow Screw and Drain Heart by 5/10% (was 15/30%).
  • Kindled Malevolence now boosts the damage to Malefic Rapture as well as Seed of Corruption by 4/8% (was 8/15%).
  • Demonology
  • February auto-attack damages raised by 20%.
  • Wild Imp damages raised by 20%.


  • Vile fiend damage boosted by 30%.
  • Damage
  • All capacity damages raised by 3%.

  • Elemental

  • Swirling Currents increases the recovery done by Recovering Stream Emblem by 40%/ 80% for Important (was 20%/ 40%).
  • Enhancement
  • swirling currents boosts the healing done by recovering stream totem by 40%/ 80% for Improvement (was 20%/ 40%).


  • Rhapsody currently approves a pile every 2 seconds (below every 5 seconds).
  • Holy
  • Burning Vehemence now causes Holy Fire to deal 30%/ 60% of its initial damages to all nearby adversaries (was 15%/ 30%).

Blizzard have included some more course tuning including next week’s spot 10.0.7 launch.

Due to the timing of these modifications, we intend to include all the following to the 10.0.7 spot notes. Please keep in mind that some adjustments listed below affect abilities that are new or revamped in 10.0.7, and also all ought to be testable on the 10.0.7 PTR soon.

Along with the launch of spot 10.0.7 following week, well make changes to some classes that are underperforming or over performing in endgame material.




  • Subtlety
  • Dark Darkness effectiveness minimized by 20% in PVP fight.
  • Dance Macabre efficiency decreased by 33% in PVP fight.
  • Perforated Veins efficiency minimized by 25% in PVP battle.
  • Gloom blade damage increased by 20% in PVP battle.
  • Backstab damage increased by 20% in PVP battle.




  • Affliction
  • Dark glare from Summon Dark glare now has 80% more health and wellness.
  • Corruption damages raised by 10% in PVP combat.
  • Agony damage raised by 10% in PVP combat.
  • Siphon Life damages enhanced by 20% in PVP battle.
  • Concentrated Malignancy enhances Malefic Rapture damages by 10%/ 20% in PVP fight (was 15%/ 30%).
  • Developers notes: These changes are targeted at enhancing Affliction Warlocks immediate cast damages, while countering the possible burst from Malefic Rapture with the 10.0.7 ability adjustments.
  • Devastation
  • Bane of Chaos now has an 18-second interior cooldown with Mayhem talented.
  • Incinerate no more offers enhanced damage in PVP combat (was boosted by 13%).
  • Shadow burn damages is now raised by 25% in PVP battle (was enhanced by 30%).
  • Developers notes: We’re targeting a decrease to Mayhem uptime and also balancing out the Eve tuning modifications with some reductions to Shadow burn and also Incinerate. We want constructs with immediate casts to be sensible, while choosing that the spec depends on Turmoil Bolts for most kills.

  • Frost

  • Glacial Spike deals 15% less damages as well as its Proficiency scaling is now 60% reliable (was 75%) in PVP battle.
  • Frostbelt bargains 100% boosted damages in PVP combat (was 50%).


  • Arms
  • Fatality now piles Fatal Mark up to an optimum of 8 times versus enemy gamers (was 20).

  • Vengeance

  • Implementation Sentence is now 65% effective in PVP fight.
  • Wake of Ashes currently deals 20% less damage in PVP fight (was 32%).
  • Defense
  • Others Counsel effectiveness reduced by 33% in PVP battle.
  • Righteous Guard efficiency lowered by 50% in PVP battle.



  • Renew healing is now enhanced by 22% in PVP combat (was 15%).
  • Prayer of Repairing healing is now enhanced by 6% in PVP battle.

  • Holy
  • Heal recovery is currently raised by 43% in PVP Combat (was 35%).
  • Flash Heal recovery is now increased by an additional 6% in PVP combat for Holy only.
  • Developers notes: These are targeted lovers to Holy Priests overall throughput, which has actually continued to fall back other therapists.