How to Acquire a Revolver in Sons of the Forest – An Alternative to the Shotgun

If the shotgun appears also troublesome to you, believe about acquiring a revolver in the children of the forest.


Like one more modern tool in the video game, the revolver brings upon considerable damages while you are focusing on the head.
Finding the revolver Sons of the Woodland will certainly not be very easy.
You require obtaining to the various other side of the island, and then get into an abandoned shelter to obtain weapons from the remains.

The location of the revolver Child of the Forest

The revolver is inside the below ground bunker in the eastern component of the island.
Go to the marked place on the map above, and you will certainly locate an abandoned research.
The entry to the underground shelter is located in front of the golf trolley, right in between both mean tripods, as displayed in the image listed below.

Just how to obtain a revolver

The shovel is essential when it comes to excavating things.
To our good luck, the revolver is also below ground;
To get to this point, we have to get a shovel.
You can obtain a shoulder blade from a corpse in the western part of the snow mountains.
The GPS tracker allows you to easily obtain to the significant location and also obtain a revolver without lost in the vast area of Sons of the Forest.
You require standing in the center of the planet to start excavating.
You will certainly find a box with the inscription Maintenance C.
This is a hole that leads you underground.

Open it and decrease the staircases towards the alley.
You need to move directly as well as turn right into the very first room that drop.
You will certainly locate a revolver alongside the corpse.
Click E to obtain a weapon, and you can explore the remainder of the shelter to buy other items that can be helpful in your survival at Children of the Forest.
The advantage of the revolver is that it is much better than Katina and onions regarding the damage and also use.
Nevertheless, you must accumulate ammo for tools, going to different locations.
There is a high possibility of locating 9 mm caliber cartridges used in the revolver in a bigger number of locations than cartridges for a shotgun.
You can have a revolver by entering your supply and also placing their shots in the head to damage beasts in the sons of the forest.