Test de Pharaoh: A New Era Remaster – Experience the Cult Classic Again!

A remaster of a cult video game…

Like Caesar III, Pharaoh and also its Cleopatra expansion: the Queen of the Nile, stay, twenty years later, City Builder cults.
Still completely usable in their initial cocoon as well as consistently on promo, the original game and its expansion are columns of the City Contractor, a genre which was however also rapidly forgotten on computer.
24 years after the launch of the original video game, endowed, at the beginning of the Rebirth of the Street of Rage permit, and the Breton’s of Russell Interactive, have actually laid out to a remaster who has faults, and whose inquiry is asked regularly
his rate of interest.
So take care: the introduction can be fairly tough, however it does not diminish the qualities of the game, essentially from the title on which this remasters is based.
Pharaoh’s architecture is certainly valued in Pharaoh: a New Age, which additionally has the taste to include the only expansion of the age-old title.
We rapidly locate his marks.

For those who have actually never ever played Pharaoh, see instead.
We deal with a city contractor in which we take our household fresh landed in Egypt in an impressive of 50 missions.
These make us cross the ages (more than 4000 years of history) and also specifically make us found a genuine empire.
If to begin with, you will only need a small village, your increasingly more grandiloquent development jobs as your parts allow you to extend your power-and with it the belief of the various Egyptian gods.
The latter likewise have a certain influence on the course of your occupation: if your adherents show no passion, they will not be reluctant to penalize you.
Alternatively, if you show loyalty, fortunately will concern you naturally.
Apart from this part, the structure of a firm as well as you’re understanding on desert lands near the Nile will be decisive to go constantly better.
Building houses, wells, yet also sufficient to search, threaten, keep and re-sell the products you have actually been able to recuperate many thanks to your workforce.
Overcoming illness, penalizing wrongdoers, but likewise really hoping for flooding so that water is there as well as transforms homes.

… but in rate of interest greater than suspicious

With this remaster, Russell Interactive occupies the superb bases of the original game, so we are encountered with a good video game, as it stands.
Nevertheless, which is why we question his rate of interest, the job done to bring up to date an old guy who still transforms well on the makers these days is comparable to the minimum service, a day of strike
At 23 euros, Pharaoh: A New Age might have should have a somewhat much more considerable polish.
Due to the fact that if on the side of the graphics, the whole thing has actually undertaken a welcome overhaul with a cartoon side which will certainly interest the timeless for the animated movie the royal prince of Egypt, specific choices of design-which will certainly be the special noteworthy changes-what do what
shake up the regulars.
Vague symbols, in some cases unintelligible, a building and construction food selection whose vignettes protect against understanding what we wish to achieve initially glance, aid that is not constantly beneficial, also downright lacking, troubles of integration
From texts to French, Pharaoh bugs still existing in Pharaoh: a New Period… There are lots of faults.
As well as even if it will not be debilitating, because we constantly such as to advance in a video game still devilishly effective even two decades after its initial launch, one asks yourself exactly how an outing with such an unpredictable finish could be authorized.
Which lacks trusting the absence of the mini-map, which was definitely assured by the designers under the pressure of the players, or on the impossibility of altering the factor of view of the electronic camera, as a result preventing from tidying correctly
a building.
There are some good ideas, such as the display screen of Nile floods in order to give long-term financial investments, in addition to a Zen setting which enables killers to be gotten rid of.
Yet it stays insufficient to actually tip over historical fans.
Undoubtedly a selection was made from a much more precipitated exit than prepared to respond to the arrival later this year of Contractors of Egypt, a rival whose abilities still remain to be verified, but who has the merit of using ambitious promises.
In the state for that reason, Pharaoh: A New Era is to be suggested only to those that do not support the idea of getting their hands on a video game with maturing graphics.
The others, like your slave, will lastly place him promptly in the storage room of unnecessary remasters.


Test performed by Joel on PC many thanks to a variation provided by the publisher.