Spellforce: Conquest of Eo Im Test – Is This Fantasy Strategy Game Worth Playing?

Last weekend we wanted to open ourselves into the endgame in the most innovative game, but had to discover that all memory levels of the review version were gone on Saturday.
So we began in the launch version from the front, invested another 17 hours, however could not play through the campaign again in that time.
Our impressions described in the test do not consist of the end video game.
We will continue to play COE and update the test again if required.
As in the other Spell force video games, the brand-new adventure leads you to the dream world EO and informs you the history of the 3rd Spell force part from 2017. You are an emerging magician who gets an immediate message from his master at the beginning of the campaign:
Obviously he managed to guide the all-fire, a source of enormous magical power that permeates all life.
Now he fears that the magician’s circle could be directed against him.
And indeed: when you reach his tower, you just expect one mess up.
There are remains all over.
Your master is nowhere to be seen.
So the task is clear: finds out what has occurred here.
Incidentally, you will set up in the tower of your old master so that he shines again in the old shine at some time (i.e. the tower, not the master).

We had already received the evaluation gain access to (for Steam) a couple of days prior to the law Nordic launch, but could just start with Spell force: Conquest of EO due to other publications around the launch.

The expansion of the tower spaces, but also the three special homes of alchemist, magic smith and necromancy bring us to the COE crafting system.
All things that you find in the course of your experience wind up in your inventory and are designated to the categories primary (orange-colored point), death (violet), life (green) and Aryan (blue), and with all items we in fact indicate
Everything, consisting of intake items such as potions, armor, weapons and even mission products.


Your task is now to combine as much as four of these things with a bowl of a bowl (souls in the necromancer, ores at the magic smith, plant driver at alchemists) in order to acquire a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 points from several categories.
Each of the combinations stands for its own dish that you can find.
In the magic smith, for example, there are a total of 116 for very different glyphic results, weapons and intake.
We really needed a moment to comprehend the crafting system with all its facets.
The two categories death and life, for instance, stand out.
If you trigger 3 green dots with a product and after that include an ingredient that gives you three violet dots, then you end up with zero at the beginning value.
This is especially crucial for necromancers, given that their souls typically belong to the category life, however the vitality only has actually to be raised before you can put the points for the next undead.
The game remembers all the recipes investigated once, and even with the tower improvements, you always understand exactly which points combinations you have to gather for the numerous bonuses.
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With Fantasy General II, the German designer veteran Jan Wagner and his little team of owned by Gravity in 2019 prospered in missing the task in 2019, the method video game of the exact same name from the 90s, which is a lot more modern-day, however many
brings the strengths of the initial.
It is therefore not unexpected that the studio was entrusted with the next massive task in the next project: the time-honored Spell force series must be provided a breath of fresh air after 3 parts, by a new genre mix.
Instead of real-time strategy and role-playing play, you can anticipate conquest of EO round-based tactical battles, the worldwide method elements of the 4x genre and one or the other RPG mechanics.
COE quickly reminds of category beads like Heroes of May & Magic (Home), Age of Wonders or Master of Magic, but also brings some unique functions.
In the test we clarify whether this new mix is fun.
Spell force: Conquest of EO was released on February 3, 2023, for PC.

new campaign, new luck

Spell force: Conquest of Belches StartBiome can it be?
Source: Spell force: Conquest of EO provides a wonderful old school only a single player campaign that has some replay worth due to numerous starting parameters.

First you clarify which skin you slip into or what type of archetype you want to play.
You can choose between the alchemist (counts on natural magic and bride drinking in addition to elixirs to support your units), magic smith (Earth magic and develops glyphs as well as artifacts) or necromancy (remains and develops souls of soldiers), or you construct a magician
according to your own taste.
In the next action you define the beginning point of your adventure.
You can pick between 5 biomes, where they vary in the opponents, resources and their ease of access.
In the golden fields you fulfill goblins, outlaws and vermin.
There are not so typically ore deposits, however you can harvest plants anywhere.
It will be much easier for you to get going in any other location.
On the other hand, it is actually brutal on the fog coast.
Unsafe orcs and swamp monsters are up to mischief there.
Collectors need to be pleased with ruined plants.
Note that the developers developed the world of Conquest of EO by hand.
You constantly expect the exact same card with all your offered biomes.
However, it makes a visible difference whether you need to concern terms with undead and orcs right from the start or whether burglars and wolves are your biggest concern for now.
In the last step you then finalize your individual video gaming experience, with the choice of problem.
There are five alternatives overall, from story mode to difficult.
These affect parameters such as aggressiveness of the enemies, strength of the opposing soldiers or the AI of the systems.

magician in the clinch

The test is based on this

For the test we started a number of games and attempted our happiness with all 3 archetypes, at various levels of problem and in different biome.

The stories of the campaign and all missions are staged by means of texts, which thankfully do not fail and have been well equated into German.
As a framework for the campaign and your tasks, they are excellent.
No complex figures, unexpected twists or psychological highlights anticipate.
It becomes particularly interesting if you can select between a number of behavior options under such a text: for example, do you desire to put yourself well with the regional settlers and assist the town or just kill and rob?
With your choices you affect completion of missions, your track record for political groups, the amount of victim pieces and whether you fix disputes in harmony or with arms.
Spell force: Conquest of Eddie Large and little Stories are told about these text overlays.

control is work

The heart of your power is the tower of your master, around which there is a sort of control zone.
All mines, towers, storage facility and other centers within this zone supply you with the resources of gold, MANA, research and champion, however likewise with helpful bonuses, for instance for the much faster training of brand-new soldiers.
Apart from the tower, your apprentices can likewise put a lodge into the world and therefore likewise construct control zones.
These control zones can be expanded with time, however faster than later you will discover that Conquest of EO requires the life of a nomad.
The majority of the buildings only provide you with the important resources for a couple of rounds.
It’s a good idea that you find out a spell in the project very early on with which you can let your tower fly.
You then perform your base to a brand-new location where you lastly develop a new control zone.
The lodges likewise need to be re-set again and again.
Unlike in the genre pearls like Heroes of Might & Magic mentioned at the beginning, you do not gradually construct up a huge empire here, but are always on the hunt for the next successful location for your flying online.
Again and once again you need to bring the tower to an offered place for missions.
This is extremely important and regularly guarantees phases in which hardly any resources trek to your account (which can occasionally bring you into unsightly scenarios, but more on that later).
Spell force: Conquest of Eddie 3D Overwent offers lots of information and is extremely clear.

a touch of role play

Incidentally, you do not manage your avatar round for round through the fantasy world, however your employed soldiers, summoned servants and heroes or apprentices who join you over time.
Initially, an army that is revealed by only one figure on the map can consist of 4 regular systems and a hero or apprentice.
In the course of the project, nevertheless, larger soldiers can likewise be established.
Even then no mass battles in which lots of fighters meet.
For this, your units collect experience points and increase in the level.
After a step upstairs, you can constantly choose which of the two or 3 improvements provided you wish to choose for the newly improved fighter.
That can be basic worth, however likewise brand-new battling spells or passive bonuses.
The warriors can also be enhanced by means of their glyphs.
We had actually already mentioned that you could develop glyphs as a magic smith.
You can likewise discover the wonderful runes in the video game world or repel opponents.
All heroes and apprentices also have arms and weapons slots in which you can load proper devices.
You can improve not just your systems, however likewise your tower.
Via your championship resource you expand it with new flooring, which increases its control zone, and you can lead more troops into battle.
You also unlock rooms for the tower, for which you then identify functions.
Research study spaces offer you with more research, workshops with gold and an additional craft slot, there is more MANA every day and thanks to the troop quarters you can build goblin units.
Your tower covers 15 spaces as a whole.
The various types of area can be even more enhanced as quickly as it is developed.
Spell force: Conquest of ENOB Tower extension, glyphic production, zombie set or drinking-brow-the crafting works the very same.

crafting for experimentation