Learn How to Plant Mandrakes, Poisonous Tentacles, and Other Plants in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy you will be able to plant several items that will be useful to use in combat, such as mandrakes and poisonous tentacles, as well as useful ingredients for potions.
Some plants require medium or large pots or may not be grown.
Understand how to get them all:

Don’t buy medium pots, only the big

Purchasing enchantments for pots of various sizes and for potions is extremely easy.

However, it is highly recommended that you do not get medium pots as it is possible to cultivate small and medium plants in large pots.
That is: By purchasing the big jars, you can plant anything in the game.

Where to purchase the pots?

You can purchase pots for plants and tables for Potions in Too & Scrolls in Hogsmeade.


There you can also purchase more complex tables, with space for various plants, potions and even a fertilizer.
The item costs 1000 gold.
In this store you can boost the room needs and get a cauldron that makes random potions alone and an item that enhances your equipment, such as the loom, which can be used as soon as you get your first magic beasts.

Buy the recipes whenever possible

If you need any plant or potion, you will see that the price of recipes and items ready is not very distant.
It is much better to always cultivate your items for never missing and having a stock.
Enemies begin to get stronger with moving the game and potions, mandrakes, cabbage and poisonous tentacles are increasingly useful.
In addition, it is good to leave at least 2 sets of spells focused on hand attack, as the fighting are more complex.
Potions ingredients can be purchased at stores, but can also be grown if you have the recipes.
As the plot advances, the room needs to be increasingly useful for your wizard.