Hogwarts Legacy: Video Comparison Reveals How Closely the Game Captures the Harry Potter Magic – Deluxe Edition Owners Can Take a Peek at the Magical World of Role-Playing!

Owners of the Deluxe Edition from Hogwarts Legacy can already marvel at the comprehensive world of role-playing play on their broom.
How did Avalanche software carry out the famous setting from the Harry Potter films?
A YouTube channel has now purchased and compared different scenes from movie and game.

offers Hogwarts Legacy for Harry Potter sensation?

Curious Potter heads certainly question whether the designers of Hogwarts Tradition had the ability to recreate the popular places and spaces from the Harry Potter movies in information.
The YouTube channel of ElanalisteBits has now bought and compared nearly all available locations from the role-playing game with matching scenes from the popular movies.
The 15-minute video programs, to name a few things, the outside location of Hogwarts, the big hall, a number of class, the library, Hagrid shut and even Gringos.
When it comes to re-enactment, the designers of Avalanche Software application did an amazing task.
Lots of locations are nearly precise to the movies.
Of course there is a little variation, however after all, Hogwarts Tradition likewise plays about 200 years prior to the events around Harry Potter.
It’s best to have a look at the video comparison yourself.
If you desire to experience the world of Hogwarts Legacy completely spoiler-free, you must obviously overlook the video much better:
In the direct comparison of the two media it ends up being clear just how much Harry Potter is getting old.
Hogwarts Tradition definitely looks much better with his sleek 4K resolution.


Is the purchase of Hogwarts Legacy?

The main release of Hogwarts Legacy is still pending on February 10th.
The test ratings of journalism, but also gamers with earlier access are really impressed by the Warner Bros. If you want to read our in-depth test report, you can do this here:
Regardless of the effective fan service from Hogwarts Tradition, the video game is still criticized and is surrounded by a great controversy: