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Unlocking The Mythic Vault Of The Incarnates: What Changes Are Coming To World Of Warcraft?

Read the announcement at Wow.

This opening was revealed in a post by CM Kiev, with an explanation of their decision and its timing.


We should be prepared for upcoming shifts in scheduling, and it seems like more advanced schedule releases.

Cross-realm Mythic Vault of the Incarnates is opening up in Wow beginning on February 14th. Dragon flights very first raid will be letting in cross realm groups into Mythic trouble as part of some ongoing modifications.

This isn’t the end of changes to consider, so we can expect Blizzard to continue looking at options to operate in ways they believe will much better the experience. Announcing this change for this raid right now, and offering a heads-up that things may look various in the future moving forward, is likewise part of their shift in philosophy and practice.

In order to work with this scenario, having cross-realm Mythic Vault of the Incarnates open up in mid-February will still suggest a Hall of Fame. Yet, this time they’re applying a specific guideline that will likewise apply to future raids. In order to get approved for the Hall of Popularity from this time forward in cross-realm groups, a minimum of 16 gamers need to be from the exact same guild.