It Takes Two: Celebrating Hazelight Studios Historic Milestone and the Creativity of Josef Farès

Studio game established by the impetuous Josef Fares (Brothers: A Tales of Two Kids, An Escape), Haze light Studios has simply launched a tweet that provides heart balm.


On February 3, 2023, their last game, It Takes Two, has actually just crossed the symbolic CAP of the 10 million copies offered.
An unanticipated rating for a game of this caliber, this 10 million thresholds is often booked for large ultra-popular AAA blockbusters.
Above all, we observe that the game doubled its sales in simply a year, given that we found out on February 4, 2022, that it Takes Two had actually crossed the 5 million copies offered.

Even its creator, Josef Fares, said he was surprised that his game has actually reached such a level of popularity, remembering at the exact same time that it was played by double individuals (20 million), since it Takes Two is a.
game that needs to be played in two.

The story of this game with a household spirit tells the story between May and Cody, a couple beating wing and about to divorce.
Their pink daughter, taken captive in their arguments, decides to toss a spell on them with the aid of a curious book called Medical professional Hakim and 2 dolls in the image of her moms and dads.
Voodoo in such a way.
Changed into life-size dolls, Rose’s moms and dads discovers themselves miniaturized in a world that has ended up being harmful from the slightest journey.
It Takes 2 had actually also been chosen Got 2021 during the Game Awards of the very same year.
A consecration which enabled him to gain access to greater notoriety.