13 Nightmares From The Depths Of Elden Ring, Dark Souls And Bloodborne With Expert Stefan Fuchs

Together with professional Stefan Fuchs, we entered into the most uncanny depths of the Form software games.
In doing so, we ripped off 13 tricks from Elden Ring, Dark Souls and Co., who are likely to make hard-boiled fans swallow.
Are you ready to scary yourself?

the most troubling secrets from Dark Souls, Blood borne and Elden Ring

The rather terrible or beautiful thing about gaming from software application is that if you are looking for disturbing tricks, it is never ever done.
And whenever you think it could not worsen, however it will be, describes expert and YouTuber Stefan Fuchs.


We were with him in the deepest depths of the soul video games and now examine our bloody, foggy and in some cases weird noises of victim.

In the following image series, you can discover out what you never ever wanted to learn about Dark Souls, Blood borne and Elden Ring.
Trigger and spoiler warning: In the following image series, scenes and occasions from different video games from software application are explained, which you can only learn in the course of the plot.
In addition, some stories contained therein are really strong Oakland might not appropriate for everybody.
An orphan, a spider ruler, a cursed general-the from software application video games may have more troubling secrets than gamer death.
The really disturbing about it: we do not know them all yet.
Do not require us to continue dig!