EA Cancels Titanfall Game, Leaving Fans Disappointed About The Future Of The Series

Titan fall 2 users concluded that the game has been one of the best experiences in terms of campaigns, and for that same reason a single user sequel has been requested.
And now an encouraging and disappointing news has come to light, since there was a game called Titan fall Legends in development, which has been canceled without revealing.
As reported by Bloomberg, the title was destined to be a game for a single player led by veteran designer Mohammed ALADI, better known for his work in the first two titles of Modern Warfare.
ALADI left Respawn in early 2022, although it seems that the development of the project was still going to be given by the remaining team.


New: Yesterday, EA and Respawn silently canceled a game for a player in the Apex/Titan fall universe, according to three familiar people.
Ea will try to find new positions for the 50 people who were in the team, but will fire those who cannot be placed.
To this is added that a team of 50 Respawn employees was working on the unnoticed title and that EA is looking for positions within the company to transfer them.
Those who could not comply will receive compensation for dismissal, and those people were totally linked to the video game that did not see daylight.
Remember that Apex Legends continues to work on consoles and PC.
Its mobile version will also be closed.
Via: The Gamer
Editor’s note: It seems that EA does 10 things well and then 20 bad.

Because many wanted another titan fall game.
But we can’t crucify them either, after all Dead Space went very well, and the next Star Wars game promises a lot.