Andreas Wolff Named To All-Star Team Of 2023 Handball World Cup Final

Finest Young Player.
Jury Knorr (Germany).

In the past, the all-star team of a major event in handball was typically published before the final.
However, when Denmark had actually crowned the world champ for the 3rd time in a row on Sunday night, there was still no trace of the team of the tournament.
It was just far after the final whistle that the IF launched the All-Star team secretly, quietly and quietly on its site.
There is likewise a German national gamer in this: Andreas Wolff is deservedly in the goal.
With extreme right Nicolas Berg from THW Kiel, co-host Sweden likewise represents a player.
Bronze winners Spain is represented on half-right by Alex Dujshebaev and on the left wing through Angel Fernandez.
The French have the very best middle man in Bedim Remix and the finest circular runner in Ludovic Areas.
The only world champ in the tournament group: Simon Patrick, only 22 years of ages, was the very best half-left for the IF.
With 51 objectives he tossed the fourth at the World Cup and scored 9 objectives in the last alone.
A Dane was also chosen for the MVP of the tournament.
Mathias Diesel from the Foxes Berlin, which many view as soon world handball gamers, should have the highest individual award.
With 60 goals, the left-handed leading scorer of the tournament became six goals in the last.
At the last World Cup 2021 in Egypt, Diesel had actually stood in the All-Star group, however needed to let Mikkel Hansen go on in regard to MVP.
This time there was no way around the half-right.

Knorr wins and turns 3 World Cup classifications

The last private title went to the German playmaker Jury Knorr.
The 22-year-old, youngest in the DHB squad, was recognized as Finest Young Gamer.
The middle male of the Rhein-Neckar Lower left traces in his nine looks in Poland and Sweden.
Knorr won 3 World Cup classifications \ the finest template, the finest scorer and finest 7 meter shooters.

the awards at a look:

Dream team
Gate: Andreas Wolff (Germany).
Left wing: Angel Fernandez (Spain).
Backspace on the left: Simon Patrick (Denmark).
Backspace center: Bedim Remix (France).
Right: Alex Dujshebaev (Spain).
Conservative: Nicolas Berg (Sweden).
District: Ludovic Areas (France).

Mathias Diesel (Denmark).