BVB II Struggles To Make The Most Of Opportunities As 6th Straight Loss Hits Team Hard

After the 0: 1 versus contractions Wiesbaden, the Dortmund struggled primarily with the weak exploitation of chances: We had three thick boards, at the end of the day one needs to go in, the noticeably dissatisfied captain Franz Planned explained the game in an interview with Magenta Sport.
In the 3 boards, the main protector describes the biggest possibilities of the hosts.
The missed out on penalty of Justin Jinnah (63. ), the post struck by Moses Tali (68.) and the terrific possibility of Niklas Dams from the 82nd minute: If you provide such clear opportunities, then you are rightly down there, so pan.

pan with full trust in the group

While the veteran himself recognizes that his declarations seem a bit negative, in spite of the hazardous table circumstance, he speaks his complete rely on the group: We have the quality, we will have the possibilities and at the end of the day we will do ourselves too
still reward.
Comparable to his captain, the Dortmund coach Christian Prefer, who is frantically looking for explanations for the absence of goal yield: There are just no more opportunities than with a penalty, and we are presently granting them.


His team generally played a decent video game in the second half and lastly only the look forward.

newcomer tali provides hope

Self-confidence for the future, the Dortmund’s head coach, on the other hand, will deliver, to name a few things, a defender and an assailant.

Presser is very satisfied with Child Name Collins, who played just his 3rd video game for BVB II and plays totally in order, and also discovers applauding words for newbies Moses Tali: Moses has provided a good launching,
This is a bit happening with the beats.
For the Dortmund, with Ingolstadt (Saturday, 2 p.m.) and Saarbrücken (February 11th), opponents from the upper half are waiting for the approaching match days, versus which points are absolutely available regardless of the table difference.