Yaoyao Is A Younger Student Madame Pin

Taobao is a younger student Madame Pin, a four-star user of Pedro shafts, who travels with a corporate partner named GUI.
Although she showed herself more mature than her older classmate Hamlin, Yahoo loves to make his way to the crook to play, which encourages even Tanya to ensure that the child does not linger.
It is expected that Taobao will appear in version 3.4.
Although the insiders managed to get its set from the beta version of 3.4, keep in mind that this information is not confirmed and can change at any time.
In addition, since the text below was directly translated by the source of the leak, the wording can be confused and may not match the source material.

Yaoyao-skills, constellations and much more in Genshin Impact

skills Daewoo

Automata: Spear throw

  • Ordinary attack: applies up to 4 consecutive strokes with a spear.
  • Charged attack: spent a certain amount of endurance in order to jump forward, causing damage to the opponents along the way.
  • Submissive attack: jumps in the air to hit the ground below, causing damage to the opponents on the way and causing damage in the region when hit.

Elevation skill-heavenly cluster Romanus

  • Press: calls Begun: Throwing mode, a special device created by a kind of adept to help Yahoo solve its problems.
    This skill will be used differently in retention mode.
  • Keep: Entrance to the aiming mode to set up the direction of the throw.
  • Begun: Throwing mode:
    • Throws away white jade radishes that explode when they enter the characters or opponents, applying dendros-abnormalities to enemies within a certain AOE and healing the characters in the same AOE depending on the maximum HP Yahoo.
  • If the radish did not fall into the enemy or the character, the radish will remain in place and explode when in contact with the character or enemy, or explodes after the time of action.
  • Begun: Throwing Mode will choose a goal for throwing a radish.


If all the nearest characters have more than 70 percent of health, then he will throw a radish in the nearest enemy.
If the nearest characters have 70 percent or less HP, he will throw radishes into the character with the least remaining HP percentage.
If there are no opponents nearby, Begun will throw a white-nefric radish into the characters, even if they all have more than 70 percent of health.
At the same time, there can be a maximum of 2 copies of Begun: Throwing mode.
Cool: 15 seconds
Begun: Duration of the throwing mode: 10 seconds
White jade radish: 5 seconds


  • By order of a certain adept, the entire potential of Begun can be disclosed in an emergency, causing Pedro damage to the closest opponents and entering the unsurpassed state of heritage of adherents.
  • Heritage of adherents:
    • Generated white jade radishes will be changed to heal and damage in accordance with this skill.
      Explosions heal all the closest members of the group, and the Pedro damage that they apply will be considered as the damage to a spontaneous explosion.
  • Calls Begun: Jumping mode at certain intervals of time until their limit is reached.
    The behavior of this version of Begun is the same as that of Begun: Throwing mode in the skill of elements, heavenly accumulation of Romanus.
    Maximum 3 Begun: Jumping Mode can exist simultaneously.
  • The speed of movement Yahoo is increased by 15 percent.
  • · Pedro Yahoo resistance will be increased.
  • The state of the Dental Legacy will end as soon as Taobao leaves the field, and all the remaining Begun: Jumping Mode will be cleared as soon as this condition ends.
  • Cool: 20 seconds
  • Duration of the heritage of adherents: 5 seconds
  • Energy cost: 80

Taobao passives

  • Passive 1 (star scattering): being under the influence of the state of the Heritage of Adepts caused by the innocence of moon nephritis, Taobao will constantly throw a radish from white jade in the nearest opponents, when she runs, jumps or runs.
    Thus, it can throw 1 white nephritic radish every 0.6 seconds.
  • Passive 2 (in someone else’s skin): When white jade radish explodes, active characters within their area of action will restore health every 1 second, depending on 0.8 percent of the maximum health of the Taobao.
    This effect lasts 5 seconds.

  • Passive 3 (tiptoe tail): When Yahoo is in a group, your characters will not scare crystal flies and some other animals when they approach them.
    Check the subcategory other in the Living / Wildlife section in the archive for the presence of creatures on which this skill operates.

Constellations Taobao

  • C1 (custody of adepts): When white jade radishes explode, active characters within their area of action receive a 15 percent bonus for Pedro damage for 8 seconds and restore 15 endurance to them.
    This form of restoration of endurance can only work every 5 seconds.
  • C2 (innocent): Under the influence of the state of heritage of adherents caused by the descending of the lunar nephritis, if the explosions of a white jade radish are damaged by the enemy, Taobao will restore 3 energy.
    This form of energy regeneration can occur once in 0.8 seconds.
  • C3 (true and kind): increases the level of heavenly accumulation of Romanus by 3. The maximum level of improvement is 15.
  • C4 (charming): After using the heavenly accumulation of Ra fan or the descent of moon nephritis, the skill of the elements of the Taobao will be increased by 0.3% of its maximum health supply by 8 seconds.
    The maximum skill of the elements that it can receive in this way is 120.
  • C5 (compassionate): Increases the level of Monoxide Descent by 3. The maximum level of improvement is 15.
  • C6 (Palace): When Begun: Throwing Mode throws a white-wiper radish, there is a 50 percent chance that it will throw out a mega-redness that will have a greater AOE than a standard white-neiphritic radish, and will have the following effects during explosion

    • Applies dendro-abroad in the region based on 75% of the Yahoo attack.
  • Restores the HP of an active character based on 7.5% of the maximum HP Yahoo.
  • Each Omega: Throwing Mode can throw a maximum of 2 megadis.
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