Avatar 3 has been successfully turned off. Avatar 2 is running in cinemas worldwide and the successor is already turned off. You

Fortunately, if you can’t get enough of the fascinating world of Pandora and her residents after The Method of Water, thankfully, as James Cameron has confirmed a number of times, you will currently be hectic with Avatar 3 behind the scenes, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 worked.
Part 3 has actually currently been completely switched off and will definitely come to the movie theaters.
After all, the screenplays are already offered for part 4 and five.
And a possible 6th and seventh part are not left out.
You can discover what James Cameron would have for you in the next few years.

When does Avatar 3 start in German movie theaters?

As we have actually already reported, the shooting of Avatar 3 has already been finished.
And the movie scripts for part 4 and 5 have actually currently submitted James Cameron and his group to the production studio.
So Disney is said to have responded to the Avatar 4 story with simply one sentence: Saint Sch !.
Regardless of this abundant action, it is not yet clear whether part four and 5 remain in basic since the producers desire to prove the ongoing presence of the 2nd part.
It began in German cinemas on December 14 and was able to tape $180 million internationally by Friday.
This is certainly an impressive result, but a minimum of on the start weekend he remains behind films such as Star Wars: the awakening of the power or Spider-Man: No Chance Home.
If the second part of sufficient profits, according to James Cameron there will only be a fourth and 5th part.
The start of the 3rd part is currently sculpted in stone.
It will certainly concern the movie theaters.
Most likely on 18.
December 2024 we are allowed to dive back into the world of Pandora.

avatar continuation: How is it going?

At the center of the other Avatar films, as in part 2, the fate of the Sully family should continue to be.

In the second part we discovered that Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Native (Zoe Saldana) got several children.
They will definitely play a major role in the sequels.
So we can anticipate the return of Britain Dalton as kid Lo’AK, Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as his little sis UK and Sigourney Weaver as a teenager Kirk.
The villain Colonel Miles Quality (Stephen Lang) will also return.


His son Spider (Jack Champion) need to still contribute in the sequels in addition to the leaders of the sea navigation.
As James Cameron already tape-recorded several times, the nasty military employer quart itch will end up being the primary challengers for the other films.
And after we have actually traveled to Pandora underwater worlds in Avatar: The Way of Water, we can definitely eagerly anticipate new regions of the Alien World in the followers.
How the story about the Sully’s continues remains interesting.
The brand-new film was largely convincing critics.
And James Cameron is also pleased with his baby.
The director discovers his characters much nicer than any Marvel characters.
But what about you: Have you already seen the hype film of the year in the cinema, or can you not do anything with Avatar?
And what do you consider the huge prepare for the followers?
Like to compose that in the remarks!
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