5 Reons Why From Software is the Best Video Game Developer of All Time

From Software became the morning from Thursday to Friday in the first study to get two matching awards at The Game Awards since it works in this format.
He won the award in 2019 with Senior: Shadows Die Twice and did so this week with Elden Ring.
On this occion, in addition, Miyazaki won the prize for best address, a recognition that he could not get three years ago because he fell into the hands of Kolyma for his Death Stranding.
With the latest installment of the Japanese death and misfortune factory, the company manages to crown more than a decade of influence and a very particular idea that for a long time, w against the countercurrent.
Therefore, we are going to review the notes and valuations that all the Souls of From Software h received in Meditation and in Metacritic since that cryptic Demon’s Souls that we liked so much, although we did not know exactly the reons.
This h gone to the genre until you reach the mterpiece called Elden Ring.

Demon’s Souls (2009)

  • Metacritic-89 note
  • Meristation-9 analysis
    The beginning of everything, an RPG Action in which any enemy could kill you of a couple of blows and with it, you have forgiven the souls you had achieved… and that you needed to level up.
    If you died again before arriving where you had fallen, you forgive your loot forever.
    A place where the order of levels did not indicate the eiest, where there were trap messages from other players and where death w constant.
    Mosque, confusing, but wonderful.
    We learned to die.

Dark Souls (2011)

  • Metacritic-89 note
  • Meristation-9 analysis
    The myth.
    The game that marked an era.
    No doubt that he maintained the essence and many of the ide of the previous title, but also improved absolutely everything, highlighting above the rest an architecture and a wonderful level design, interconnected intelligently and surprisingly.
    Lore exploded in this game and scratching beyond objects, characters and places w also a revelation for the community.

Dark Souls 2 (2014)

  • Metacritic-91 note
  • Meditation analysis-9.2
    Sometimes I denied because there w no Miyazaki in the direction, but very claimed by the most staunch community of the series.
    Dark Souls 2 w continuous, it is true, but he amplified the online component, he introduced some ide that were not badly raised, it w somewhat more accessible and understandable and gave us more chiefs and secrets that we loved to discover.
    Then Scholar of the Sin came out, an expansion that also changed many elements of the be game.
    Equally essential.

Blood borne (2015)

  • Metacritic-92 note
  • Meditation analysis-9.3
    For many, the best he h ever done from software, and defense reons are not lacking.
    We are facing a game that maintained the bis of what we had met, but in the middle of YHA.
    Its setting, it’s much more limited but particular combat system, the amount of secret secrets and locations and unforgettable final bosses made the rest.
    No one in the world understands that it h not been remtered or at let unlocked at 60 fps in PS5.

Dark Souls 3 (2016)

  • Metacritic-89 note
  • Meristation-10 analysis
    The culmination of the Dark Souls trilogy came with a delivery that significantly improved the control, response and dynamism of the fighting, absorbing the best of its predecessors in a much higher scale game, with some of the best bosses of all
    The saga and with a design of levels that w surely not impressive the first Souls, but that continued with surprises, unexpected roads and places interconnected in great way.

Senior: Shadows Die Twice (2019)

  • Metacritic-90 note
  • Meditation analysis-9.5
    Surely the most challenging proposal of all of recent years and, for many, a title that does not fit at all in the Souls’ formula, although it maintains structures, elements such death and other details that connect with the mentioned games.

A much more Hack and Slh title, where combat is fluid, demanding and satisfactory;
where stealth is also essential.


And where the player’s ability will mark success in his adventure.
Without a doubt, the biggest challenge made in from Software.

Elden Ring (2022)

  • Metacritic-96 note
  • Meristation-10 analysis

And we arrived at the Crown Jewel of this 2022 with Elden Ring, a mterpiece of from Software, game of the year in The Game Awards and a video game that embraced the concept of open world and applied it in its own way, with mtery.
A gigantic world, with a huge amount of relevant content hidden and hoping to be discovered, with the constant sensation of surprise and with freedom by flag never before.
All with a first-cls artistic direction, a house brand of the house and some of the most betly characters we remember.