EverQuest IIs Renewal of Ro Expansion Drops Today, Taking New Zones To Age-old MMO

renewal of ro is Everest II’s 19th expansion, and it takes gamers back to the island of RO, exploring the southern half of the desert. New zones such as the deep canyons of the Raj’Due Plateaus and the dry Sandstone Delta are prepared for adventurer’s to check out as eq2 takes gamers back through its history to help the Array.

You can get the growth from the main website today, though similar to all Daybreak Games that offer expansion loads you’ll have your option of simply how lots of cosmetic goodies you want together with your copy of the brand-new content. The standard edition will run your about $35, while the tiers scale all the way up to a Household and Pals cost of $249.99, which includes everything the Premium edition has, in addition to a traceable copy of the growth, level 120 increase, character slot and more.


Everest II’s latest growth, renewal of ro, launches today, bringing brand-new missions, material and new zones to the old.

In addition to the new zones, renewal of ro has brand-new dungeons and raids to dominate, brand-new ascension levels, trade skill missions and more. Everest II’s latest growth likewise sees more impressive spells added to the mix, new signature missions, housing products, and even a brand-new teleported design that is special to renewal of ro.