From today you get among the rarest mounts from WoW for totally free on Twitch – this is how it works

Blizzard is providing away among the rarest mounts from World of warcraft on twitch: the devil’s kite. To do this, you only need to view WoW for the release of the brand-new Dragon Flight. Mango discusses the information.


Considering that the collective card video game is no longer produced, the devil dragon is appropriately searched among collectors and for its look. Some pay up to $3,000, which also makes the devil’s kite of WoW.

What sort of mount is that? The devil’s dragon is in fact a mount you obtained from the WoW gathering card game through a card. He utilizes the regular dragon model for mounts, has black scales and the classic, neon green few lights and the Legions Rune over his head.

How do I get the kite? From today, Monday, November 28th at 7:00 p.m., the devil’s kite will be offered as a Twitch drop. That implies you can easily get the kite by seeing on Twitch:

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You have to hurry up, because you can just get the kite by December 1st at 8:59 a.m. We do not know whether he will come back later on. The boss already said that particular mounts and material are never offered once again.

  • You have to take a look at Twitch for 4 hours
  • It does not have to be the exact same channel for 4 hours
  • Here you can discover all channels for World of warcraft on twitch
  • You can recognize getting involved channels by the note: Drops activated
  • You don’t have to sign up for the banner and do not require a Twitch Prime
  • Your Twitch account should be linked to your Blizzard account-this deals with Battle.net
  • You can see the progress and link in your drop inventory on Twitch

You can discover all info about the new Dragon Flight expansion in our unique. In the video, Blizzard reveals the most important features again:

Twitch drops to launch dragon flight

When does Dragon Flight begin? You can play the new expansion from 0:00 a.m. on the night from Monday, 28th to Tuesday, November 29th. From then on the course opens into the dragon islands, and you can see the brand-new areas, dungeons and the new story.

What else are there? Blizzard has a variety of deals for Dragon Flight on Twitch. After the devil’s kite, there will be a purple firework as a long-term toy for your collection from December 13th to 29th.

You will also receive the Ichabod family pet, a little harvest Foley if you distribute 2 subscriptions to Jerk with participating creators by December 13th. iPod is not complimentary of charge like the other content.

We spoke to a WoW professional soon before the release and asked him about Dragon Flight:

We talked to a German WoW expert-who says: Dragon flight is long-term thought and that’s a good idea

To do this, you just have to watch WoW for the release of the new Dragon Flight. The devil’s dragon is actually a mount you got from the wow collecting card game via a card. Blizzard has a number of offers for Dragon Flight on Twitch. When does Dragon Flight begin? From then on the path opens into the dragon islands, and you can watch the new areas, dungeons and the new story.