Avatar: The sense of water needs to be the third highest grossing film in history to be profitable


Cameron had been warning. Although Avatar 3 and 4 material h already shot, both sequels depend on the box office success of the second part, scheduled for the next December 16. And according to the director’s latest statements, logic invites you to think that there are more options to be canceled than otherwise. According to Cameron in statements for GQ, Avatar: the sense of water h been fucking and represents the worst business in the history of cinema. Not happy to sow panic in the Disney offices, he says that you have to be the third or fourth highest grossing film in history to be profitable.

The director does not give exact numbers, but no need to do. If we consult the list with the 50 highest grossing films in history, everything indicates to avatar: the sense of water will need to overcome the barrier of two billion euros collected. In development since 2013 and with a budget 250 million, the tape will need to sneak into the next top 5:

  • Avatar (2009, James Cameo)-2,844,313,842 at box office (budget of $237,000))
  • Avengers: Endgame (2019, Anthony and Joe Russo)-$2,797,501,328 at the box office (budget of 356,000,000)
  • Titanic (1997, James Cameron)-$2,201,647,264 at the box office (budget of 200,000,000)
  • Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakening (2015, JJ Abrams)-$2,069,521,700 at the box office (budget of 245,000,000)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018, Anthony and Joe Russo)-$2,048,359,754 at the box office (budget of 356,000,000)

Avatar, how many sequela should there be?

In the event that he did it, Cameron could continue with his work in the sequela, and that is that in the director’s mind the saga gives for five deliveries to which he even dares to set date:

  • Avatar 2: The sense of water (December 16, 2022)
  • Avatar 3: The Seed Bearer (December 20, 2024)
  • Avatar 4: The Tulum Rider (December 18, 2026)
  • Avatar 5: The Quest for Era (December 22, 2028)

The controversial duration of avatar: the sense of water

We will see if in ce of giving, the movies lt the same the second part. Avatar: The sense of water will lt 190 minutes (3 hours and 10 minutes) and James Cameron h already warned that we have no right to complain. I don’t want anyone to complain about the duration if you later sit down to watch eight-hour television series. I can already imagine some criticism. That agonizing three-hour movie, they will say. Give me a fucking breath. I’ve seen My children sit in front of TV and make marathons of five episodes in a row. It is the great social change that should occur, people should understand that nothing happens to get up and go to piss.