Nexon Leaving Steam Service in IMC Games

Tree of Savior will end Nixon service at 0 am on December 27, 22, and will be transferred to the developer IMC Games. From the 28th, you can continue to enjoy Tree of Savior through the STEAM platform even after the service transfer to the IMC Games. Instead, existing users who will continue the game must apply for a pre-transfer code after logging in to the Nixon account, and the transfer code of the account will not be used when the refund and refusal are applied.


The transfer code input guide page is scheduled to open on December 20, 22. The transfer code is a unique code, so be careful not to be exposed to others. The transfer code is linked to the game information of Nixon ID only once in a steam account. In addition, a gift is paid to the user who has been issued in advance of the pre-transfer code. Provide various items such as extensions. These items can be picked up at the Steam Platform Service.

Nixon service will be terminated at 0 am on the 27th and TOS of IMC Games will begin on the 28th. It will be held until January 26, 23, and the first day will be paid for the Proportion Firm Box and the 2nd day of [LV4] Viola Vision Selection. Users who are deeply transferred to all transfers can use all game contents, including the store, even after the service transfer.

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