EK Games, Raising F -class Champion pre -booked reservation

EK Games announced on the 23rd that it will start a pre-booking of ‘raising F-class warriors’, a neglected RPG that is scheduled to be serviced.

‘F-class warrior raising’ is a game that depicts an adventure to become an S-class warrior, and it is a unique dot-style graphic and a cool hack and slash fun. It’s a growing game.


Raising the F-class warrior, which is well expressed in the growth of a beginner warrior who has just begun the path of adventure, can feel the pleasure of being reborn as an SSS warrior in the F-grade sub-warrior through simple play. Light play can make fun of rapid growth, and you can constantly enjoy various contents such as collection and nurturing, giant bosses and unity, and challenges.

The pre-booking, which will be held ahead of the official launch on December 6, will be held through the Never Game Lounge, and can be exchanged for various products such as Nintendo Switch and Starbucks Gift Certificates through the lounge tickets paid for the pre-booking. In addition, after the official launch, all pre-bookers will be given 30 in-game items, 3000 ‘DID’, 30 ‘Weapon Drawing Coins’ and ‘Armor Draw Coin’.

For more information about the game, please visit the pre-booking page. Meanwhile, EK Games is publishing the event and detailed information sequentially through the official Never Lounge.