We already have a new best film in the history of cinema according to Letterboxd, and although it seems it, it is not a surprise

It is already known, the lists are loaded by the devil. It is impossible for a list of the best of… whatever, leave everyone happy. In these that Letterbox h updated theirs of 250 best films in the history of cinema, and of course, it h been lined. Here we analyze some interesting points about it.

The sign of the times

Letterbox, founded in 2011, h gradually won the respect of the benefice community. In their lists, voted by its members, the stridency that we find in other places such IMDB, where the most mainstream cinema of superheroes (and eye, that we love super love, but there is no temporary perspective at all right now, right now right now). No, there is cinema, thought and reoned, with the point of view beyond the borders that marks the hill that the Hollywood poster looks.

Although it does have something strange its list of the 250 best movies of all time, such that second place for a 2019 parites or the thirteen for everything at once everywhere, of this same 2022 (yes, we know, We have just criticized the same above, that’s why we don’t overlook it) or good, neon Genesis Evangelist: the end of Evangelist in 23 (?). In general, it is a pleure to find unquestionable works of ian cinema (with overwhelming presence), European or South American, well jewels of animation.

In his lt update appears in the first place Msacre, Even and Mira (1985), by Russian director Elem imov. It w a commission to commemorate the forty anniversary of the triumph of the Soviet Union over the Nazi Army. And you will think, a propaganda movie chosen the best film in the history of cinema?

  1. Msacre. Come and Mira (1985)
  2. Parites (2019)
  3. Harari (1962)
  4. Or Auto The Compared (2000)
  5. The godfather (1972)
  6. The godfather Part II (1974)
  7. The human condition III: The prayer of a soldier (1961)
  8. 12 Men Without mercy (1957)
  9. The Seven Samurais (1954)
  10. Perpetual Cadenza (1994)
  11. Chirico’s trip (2001)
  12. HELL OF HAT (1963)
  13. All at once everywhere (2022)
  14. The Dark Knight (2008)
  15. Spider-Man: A new universe (2018)
  16. Central Station of Brazil (1998)
  17. A summer day (1991)
  18. Yi (2000)
  19. One of ours (1990)
  20. City of God (2002)

Let’s see, if we looked at the old lists that decades ago they clsified that new art that turned out to be the cinema, used to take a duel to death in the top two, which pivot according to year between Citizen Kane (1941) and the battleship Potemkin (1925). And oh, surprise! Eisenstein’s film w a commission of the Soviet state to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

We are convinced that there is no one to question that the battleship is an absolute mterpiece of the seventh art. One, in addition, that is of immense influence on later cinema. And the origin matters little. If Lenin and Stalin launched the Moscow State School because they saw in the incipient cinema an effective propaganda weapon, it is no less true that the largest propaganda machinery in the medium is in Hollywood. And sincerely, it doesn’t matter if that results in the maximum level that an expressive medium can reach.


Thus, the extreme hardness and pure cinema that encloses msacre, comes and looks, responds to a Zeitgeist that is being established in our civilization in the present century. Fear and respect for war and its consequences, the real possibility of the end of the known and of our own existence, put any other consideration in check. Let’s take a game, then, reflating art with capital letters from among this misery that seems to want to swallow everything.