Overwatch 2 November-Update mit Balance

With the update Balance adjustments to the heroes D.VA, Zara, Genii, Junk rat, Samba and Kirk, Blizzard Home Entertainment. Other heroes were likewise devoid of mistakes.

With a couple of days late, the current update for Overwatch 2 has actually now arrived.

In addition to general mistake corrections, an issue was finally dealt with on the Junker town map, on which there were an efficiency slumps in a number of locations.

The German spot notes of the update can be found behind the hinged link

  • The focus was from 0.5 to 0.75 SEK. Raised.
  • The duration for which opponents are in traps was from 3 to 2.5 sec. lowered.


  • The period of the capability lock was from 1.75 to 1.5 SEK. Minimized.
  • Folded challengers are for the period of the 8SEK impact. No more valid horses.
  • The damage multiplier versus sliced opponents was lowered from 40 to 25%.

Junker Queen.

This time window of invulnerability is primarily meant to guarantee that Kirk does not right away pass versus something unseen after she teleports through walls. It turned out to be a little too big and led to puzzling situations when Kirk was fired.



Fixed errors.



  • The ammunition was minimized from 30 to 24.
  • The damage was decreased from 29 to 27.



Defensive matrix.

Doom fist.

Helen updates.

The audio transcription feature was contributed to PC gamers in selected nations. As part of our defensive matrix effort, the audio transcription technology allows us to evaluate a short-lived voice chat recording of a reported gamer. Gamers now get an alert when they first go into the Voight in a video game session, which shows them that the voice chat might be tape-recorded. Please report as precisely as possible when disruptive habits happens in order to use the effectiveness of this function as much as possible. As soon as you have actually filed a message, a momentary recording will be drawn up from which we use a language transcription program to produce a text file. Nobody sounds the momentary audio recording, and it is erased right away after the transcription. Transcriptions are only created for reports on disruptive habits in public voice chat channel, i.e. for group and match chat-the group chat is excluded.


  • A mistake in connection with the hit zone by Genii’s legendary skin was fixed.
  • Repaired in the last update-a mistake was fixed through which gamers had the ability to get endless dragon blades in custom-made video games.

Request a much.


At the beginning, Zara was assessed by gamers as one of the weakest solo tanks in 5V5, but their high damage capacity and the regular accessibility of their barriers ended up being extremely efficient. For her challengers, it can feel like Zara is very rarely vulnerable to damage, that makes it tough to combat in combination with her growing damage capacity.


  • The period was minimized from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
  • The cooldown was increased from 10 to 11 seconds.

Our data have actually revealed that many groups include PC and console gamers who play together through Cross-Play. So if you used a console with PC gamers, you probably had a disappointment in playing with your good friends. And if your group mainly included console players with a PC player, you needed to let the PC player down to have a pleasant gaming experience themselves.

  • Fixed in the last update-the damage from EMP can no longer be increased.

General updates.



  • The effect damage was minimized from 25 to 15.

We continue to watch on the condition of rank list matches and the gamer search in Overwatch2 for both returning and brand-new players. We have made a number of changes for the additional and initial determination of video game level and department of gamers, many of which are much more obvious at the beginning of season2.

Furthermore, we have actually made a change to the target help in cross-play lobbies (PC + console). If you are now playing in a video game with cross play, the target help is activated in all matches except rank list matches.

November update spot notes (to open).

Genii benefited strongly from the shift to 5V5. He only has to complete with a tank and therefore with less control loss effects and therefore has a lot easier video game. Nevertheless, he has not received any changes since the video game was published due to the fact that he was not really part of the meta. We made this decision intentionally because, if possible, we wish to prevent changes as preventative measures. These modifications must bring genii to the level of other flanking damage to damage such as tracer and reaper.

Particle barrier.

  • Ma is now offered once again.
  • A number of errors in connection with Mas Miscall were fixed, through which projectiles and gamers might sometimes slip or penetrate on it.

Junker town.

In addition, we have actually increased the accuracy of our estimates for waiting times for all roles in the option of functions.


Ranking list matches and player search.

  • Fixed in the last update-a mistake was repaired that ended the seismic blow too soon from obstacles.
  • Repaired in the last update-a mistake was fixed through which the doom fist might jump during seismic blow.




  • Layover can no longer in the flag conquest while Power slide cancel the flag.



We would like to highlight again: At the moment, target aid is just readily available on consoles.

  • A change in the noise of Mercy’s angel swing was made in the egopherpective since some players found the frequencies uncomfortable.

  • A mistake in connection with adaptive sign was fixed through which you might lose hit points in some cases.

Junk rat.

  • Junker Queen now drops the flag in video game mode flag gene conjuration if it utilizes command call or riot.


  • An error was fixed through which Kirk was able to leave the limits of the card quickly.

  • The duration of the invulnerability was from 0.4 to 0.25 SEK. Decreased.

  • The scatter was increased from 3.5 to 3.75.


Trashing ball.

In addition, she can no longer carry her slice on an already chopped destination since we have received feedback, according to which the lowered cooldown is too aggravating for lots of players during the camouflage. Essentially, this is a private membership time per location that allows it to hack to keep to coincide time of 4 seconds up until now if several goals are hacked at the exact same time.

Samba has actually received a lot more damage due to its modification since the period of the Hacker ability was reduced. In the 5V5 in particular, nevertheless, she has actually ended up being too fatal for a flanking heroine who can easily plunge into the back rows.

  • The costs of the ultimate ability to demand Much have actually been reduced by 12 %.


Projected barrier.

  • Repaired in the last update-no more destructible items are damaged by jumping/Seiko.


Cross-play and target help.

  • Error fixes were made on numerous areas on the map, which could result in performance problems.

When it uses steppe roller, Cassidy now drops the flag in video game mode flag gene conjuration.

The audio transcription feature was added to PC gamers in chosen nations. Gamers now receive a notice when they initially get in the Voight in a game session, which shows them that the voice chat might be taped. Our information have shown that lots of groups consist of PC and console gamers who play together through Cross-Play. If you played on a console with PC players, you most likely had a bad experience in playing with your buddies. And if your group primarily consisted of console players with a PC player, you had to let the PC player down to have a pleasant gaming experience themselves.


We will observe the results of this change closely and, if essential, rapidly make more adjustments.

Due to these changes, their barriers are less common, which makes it a little more difficult to acquire energy, and challengers are a larger time window to get it.

Steel trap.

  • Just PC-The default setting for the audio mix has been changed to Studioreferz.
  • An error was fixed through which gamers were able to stuck in Bronze5 even after several Rang updates.
  • Just console-an error was repaired through which the PC interface was forced some console gamers.
  • Just console-an error was fixed through which the game might freeze on consoles when a heroic movie series was opened and closed.
  • Just console-a mistake was fixed through which the crucial assignment for soaking up emphasize could not be changed from the left.
  • Numerous mistakes in connection with the leaderboard were treated, which could cause placements and sequences that were not meant.


If they have full hit points, Players who are healed are no longer shown the status result for recovery.
An error was fixed through which gamers were in some cases put in empty matches.
A mistake was fixed, through which the player might not join their ranking list match after dropping off.
An error was fixed through which typing in the chat might cause an extra from the hero gallery.
No name card can now be chosen in the interface for name cards.
A display screen mistake was corrected through the players the wrong amount of overwatch League brands, which suggests that they could not purchase any bonus. Now the intended quantity of brand names is displayed in possession of a gamer.
The Avoid as a group member button is no longer hidden behind the Last teammate list.
An error was treated through which progress might not be made as planned for the challenge for the difficulty or by which it could not be concluded.
An error was remedied through which the Kugelfänger obstacle could not be made as advanced or through which it could not be concluded.
There was an error through which the screen of players was blurry/blurred.
A mistake was fixed through which some gamers of the Skin Noise Widow maker was missing out on in the collections.
Numerous visual enhancements at the start for new players were made.
When you play a healer, Fixed in the last update-training bots are now visible through walls as intended.

  • Fixed in the last update-a mistake was fixed through which Reinhardt’s hammer was not swung in the melee attack.

After our last modifications, D.VA felt too fatal because it is now extremely resistant with its enhanced protective matrix.

  • Fixed in the last update-a mistake was treated through which Torsion’s hammer was not swung in the melee attack.

  • A mistake was treated through which Brigitte’s indication could be invulnerable under particular situations.

  • The duration was reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds.

  • The cooldown was increased from 10 to 11 seconds.

Faster step.