Welcome to Gem Spaddungeon! ? You can draw anything from the enemy to the wall yourself free rogging RPG Sketch Crawler early access starting


KOAN has released the rogue RPG Sketch Crawler with early access to Windows (Steam).

This work is a creative deck construction rogue-like RPG. DOODLERS, a player’s alter ego, rescues the Cartoon king, confronting the evil conspiracy of magicians and scammers.

The feature of this work is that you can redraw all objects in the work with your own hands. Anything that can be found can be moved to the design screen by one click, and you can arrange the enemy, NPC, used cards, accessories, and walls to your liking. It can be applied to all objects of the same system, and you can make a gem span-dungeon.

In addition, you can increase the number of frames to express simple movements, set characters and enemy audio, and also draw Doodlers with your own hands. In addition, the color used during the drawing includes magic, including the color of the color, and a strategic element is included, such as enhancing the magic used.

The basic part of game play, including the drawing function, can be enjoyed for free, and includes billing elements such as initial character status, boost items, and early character images.

SKETCH CRAWLER is undergoing early access for Windows PC (Steam) for free.