How to solve the eviction warning event on Goat Simulator 3


The strange and wonderful Coffee goats simulator Stain North is back, and both fans and critics are getting trapped in the chaos of the goats. If you have arrived here, you are likely to be curious about one thing: how to solve the event notice in Goat Simulator 3. Then, without further delay, let’s begin, agree?

How to do the eviction warning event at Goat Simulator 3

The eviction notice event is held southwest of Fair Meadows Ranch and stands out in the following map:

Image source: Coffee Stain North through

Once I get there, you will find a large house with some people who protest with We will not go! signals. As the description of the event says, it must relocate the residence. By chance, there is a crane with a hook. How convenient!

Enter the crane by pressing a triangle in PlayStation E and Xbox and carefully maneuver the vehicle near the house and throws the hook with the R1 button, so that the wooden fence of the house is grabbed. Once it is blocked, it should be seen as the image below:

Image source: Coffee Stain North through

With the house together with the crane, drive a little on the road by dragging the house behind you and will soon have resolved the event notice.

So, that ends all for this event. To get more information about the game, here are solutions for the events Children of the Hay, This The Season For Harvest and Green Thumbs. Alternatively, go ahead and explore the relevant links below.

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