[Past article lookback] GAME*Sparks recommended Soul -Like article! ELDEN RING, Little Witch Nobeta, etc.

Pick up recent popular articles from content published in GAMESpark! In this article, we will introduce articles about Soul-Like genre in a ranking format.

This ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from May 01, 2022, to November 10, 2022 . If you are looking for games and related articles that are Soul-Like , please check it out.

GAMESpark Soul-Like News Ranking!

20th place ELDEN RING Your finger maiden Medina is three-dimensional! To the palm-sized deformed figure: 48 pt.

At the same time, the deformed figure of Wolf War Demon will be released!


19th place To the 19th place fading, wolf, and hunter… How did Uncle Game captured Blood borne on the death of ELDEN RING? 49 pt.

It’s just a good death in many ways.


18th place ELDEN RING over 16.6 million in the world! Contribution continued to be the highest ever in the first quarter of Annam HD: 56 Pt.

The company will continue to implement various measures for long life of ELDEN RING.


17th place Soul-like action RPG ASTERISKS: CURSE OF THE STARS started distribution! 57 pt.

Young warriors find the truth of the curse to turn people into monsters.


16th place Released in Japanese compatible with high difficulty Soul Like Action RPG THYME SIA that makes the plague as his own art! 61 pt.

It is also distributed for domestic consoles.


15th place ELDEN RING features a MOD that can summon NPCs and bosses-Traveling to the land between the spaces: 63 pt.

How about one Demigod for your trip?


14th place Metroidvania Soul Like RPG SOLDIERS 16-bit high quality dot picture can enjoy high difficulties [explosive repo]: 63 pt.

This time, we will deliver a metroidvania & soul-like RPG SOLDIERS where you can enjoy highly difficult battles.


13th place Minecraft adventure map that reproduces the world of ELDEN RING! A main story for 15 hours or more is also available: 64 pt.

You can enjoy a magnificent adventure in 6 square kilometers open world.


12th place 2D Soul Like ACT Salt and Sacrifice is now available! Also supports online multiplayer: 65 pt.

A sequel to Salt and Sanctuary released in 2016.


11th place ELDEN RING Update Distribution-Interpersonal Damage Scaling Addition and Magical, Prayer / Tactics easily adjusted: 68 Pt.

In addition to a large amount of balance adjustment, it has also been revised to defect.


10th place SF and medieval world view mixed with ADV-like bone-like soul-like THE LAST CRICR

This time, we will deliver a novel game + Soul-like action RPG The Last CRICR mixed by science fiction and medieval worldview.


9th place ELDEN RING is played with a liquid tab! Pay attention to the struggle of the fader who keeps drawing-clearing with a dance pad in the past: 81 pt.

In the past, I have been challenging Blood borne and Dark Souls III with a dance pad.


8th place Soul-like 3D action Little Witchonobeta, which was called Florida, is officially released today! 89 pt.

The work that has become a hot topic as Lolita Soul is officially released! The console version is also released.


7th place CO-OP from the beginning to the end! Elden Ring Multi-enhanced MOD Beta Distribution: 108 Pt.

Cooperation multiplayer will be seamless, and you will be able to play from beginning to end.


6th place gun and magic new Soul Like Action RPG FLINTLOCK: The Siege of Dawn latest game play trailer! 110 pt.

It will be released on the PC/PS/Xbox console in early 2023. GAME PASS will also be available from the first day.


5th place GAMESpark Review: ELDEN RING ── Even if your heart breaks: 132 pt.

RPG like an excellent playground with a wide pocket and a lot of play tools. Nevertheless, what I needed to enjoy a little clumsy work was to abandon my commitment.


4th place The refreshing stylish soul-like ACT Edge of the Abyss is just fun! However, the enemy is strong [Special repo]: 152 pt.

Equipped with a rogue-light element that loses everything at the time of death, looking for strength, seeking strength.


3rd place The strongest fading person bombing? A fierce man who clears Elden Ring without raising the level-Dado was also no good: 160 pt.

The motivation is to face the A Certain Boss that other runners skip.


2nd place Soul-like and rogue-light Hasura ACT Dungeons of Edema is addictive for those who like it! [Special repo]: 241 Pt.

The degree of freedom of the build is high, and you can become a magical swordsman, summoner and ninja!


1st place ELDEN RING gave the first death. Did Graphic Gamers are not good at action, have you cleared SKIRT: Shadows Die TWICE! ? 262 pt.

A masterpiece that is different from rumors. But……


He died many times and decided not to step on the same rut, and died again. Soul-like genre from Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. With the aggregation of about half a year from May 2nd year, it is an impression that it is a topic of ELDEN RING. ELDEN RING is close to a direct work, but it is certain that it is a work that can not be removed for this genre lover. By the way, there are 592 works with Soul-Like tags on Steam now… I keep an eye on this genre that will continue to increase.