IEM Rio Major: Furia Destona Navi and still heroic na semifinal

The Curia is in the semifinal of IEM Rio Major 2022, the first World Cup: GO of history made in azil. This Friday, the art team, Esperanto, Yuri, Drop and Safe beat Navy 2-1 secured for the first time in the top 4 of the most important Valve FPS championship.

With the result, the panthers face this Saturday, at 5:30 pm asilia time, the Danish Heroic for a place in the grand final. In the other semifinal of the day, Outsiders and Moue face at 14h00 for a place in IEM Rio Major’s big decision.



  • Art
  • Esperanto
  • Yuri
  • Drop
  • Atari (Technician)



  • Simple
  • Electronic
  • B1T
  • Perfect
  • SAY
  • B1ad3 (Technician)

Map 1 (Nuke)-Curia 14 x 16 Navy

The dispute on the Nuke map started in favor of Curia, who had a good start on the CT side and opened 6-3 at the beginning of the game. From the 9th round, however, Navy reacted in the match with good rounds of TR and still finished the first half ahead on the score: 8 to 7.

In the second half, the Simple team had a great start of CT and even opened 13 to 8 on the scoreboard. When the match seemed lost to the azilian team, Curia fitted several good trolls of TR, Nuke’s less favorable side, and turned to 14-13, eaking Navy’s economy and making Tennessee arena explode of euphoria

Even in economic advantage, weaponry and opening a 5×4 in the 28th round, the curia made important mistakes, lost translations closely to Navy, who played mostly with pistols, and saw a potential 15 to 13 turn a 14-14. Final rounds, the Simple team, B1T and company took control of the game and closed the map at 16 to 14.

Map 2 (Ancient)-Fora 16 x 10 Navy

On the Ancient map, the choice of the fury, the azilian team had an excellent start on the TR side and opened 5-0 right away. Although Navy was able to score some points, the panthers remained firmly ahead on the scoreboard and even opened 10 to 3, but Navy scored 2 important points before sides switching and decreased the disadvantage to 10 to 5.

After the sides change, NATU Sincere had a great start as TR and even decreased the disadvantage to only 1 point, but the fury aked the reaction of rivals and reached 15 to 9, with the right to art winning a 1×1 clutch against Perfect. Navy even saved a Map Point, but the fury did not allow the rivals to reaction and settled the map 16-10.

Map 3 (Mirage)-Curia 16 x 10 Navy

On the tieeaker map, Mirage, Curia had a great start on the CT side and opened 4-0 right away, but Navy reacted following and decreased to 4-3. Open 6 to 3, but Navy again recovered and equaled the score 6-6 in an economic round of azilians. Before the sides exchange, Curia won two more rounds and closed the first half with one 8 to 7 in favor.

In the second half, Curia had a good start on the TR side, won the Pistol and took advantage of the economic advantage in the next round to open 10 to 7, but Navy reacted from her first armed on the CT side and sought the draw. In an extremely fierce round, the curia exceeded a 3-3 where its players were at a disadvantage of life and reached the 11th point, and then won another round pair to expand the advantage to 12 to 10. With the economic eakdown imposed on Navy, the curia reached the 13th point and approached the victory.

Curia opened 14-10 by killing 4 Navy players, securing Plant and spending time to prevent Navy’s defuse. Superior in the final stretch of the game, the azilians won two more rounds in sequence and closed the game in 16 to 10.

Opening photo: Stephanie Lindgren / ESL DISCLOSURE