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Destiny Child, Dog and Wolf Time Dungeon Update

Shift-up (CEO Kim Hyung-hyun) adds a new narrative dungeon to its mobile game Destiny Child, and introduces a race challenge with the Ranking system.


In the new narrative dungeon, which runs for two weeks from November 10, ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’, the event item ‘Story Tare’ gathers ‘Story Tare’, 5-star grille, craftsmanship lucky box, Ignition core material lucky box, etc. You can get it.

At the same time, the newly reorganized event dungeon, Lace Challenge, will be held in the same period.

The Race Challenge consists of 10 sections in which difficulty rises, and has introduced the Ranking system this season. The user competes with the records of clearing the entire section, and will be rewarded with the registered rankings, such as crystal, premium puppet summons, and amplification core selection boxes.

In addition, before starting the battle, the mini shop where you can choose the buff you want and a randomly effective battlefield to allow you to play the game more colorfully.

More details on this update can be found in the official Destiny Child Community.