Hyde on phenomenal residues Bayonetta 3

Phenomenal Remnants are secret chapters in Bayonet ta 3. In these chapters you have to perform various tasks, as in the original ones.

In them, you will receive various awards and objects of collecting, including accessories, hellish demons and weapons. Now you may think about how to unlock them.

Do not worry, since this leadership will tell you all the details that you need to know about the unlocking phenomenal remnants in Bayonet ta 3.

how to unlock phenomenal residues


The requirement to unlock phenomenal residues in Bayonet ta 3 is quite simple. You will need to collect all three Umbra’s tears of blood from the chapter, the phenomenal remnants of which you want to unlock.

As soon as you collected toad , raven and cat umbra tears of blood from the chapter corresponding to Phenomenal Remnant will also unlock.

Suppose you have already passed several chapters and are not sure if you collected an Umbra tear of blood. In this case, you can check the chapter menu.

You will find details about them in the menu. If you have not collected them yet, you can collect them now, and they will be registered as assembled, even if the game warns you.

You will need to make more efforts to collect cats of blood with cats and crown, as they will run. On the other hand, to assemble the Toad Umbra Tear of Blood, you must find it, since she will not run away from you when you get close.

After you collect all this Umbra’s tears of blood, the red diamond will appear when you return to the chapter menu. This means that the phenomenal residues are unlocked for this chapter.

Please note that chapter 14 Phenomenal Remnant will open after you complete the game. So do not try to play it if you have not passed the game.

How to go through phenomenal residues

You can clean them as the relevant chapters are cleaned. You will receive various tests, such as the fight against enemies and testing for a while to earn rewards.

If you have not passed the game yet, you can pass these secret chapters for Bayonet ta and Viola. After completing the game, you can also choose Jeanne.

phenomenal rewards Remnant

You will receive the following awards for the completion of each phenomenal balance in Bayonet 3.

Phenomenal residue ch #1: accessory of the butterfly pulley
Phenomenal residue Ch #2: Full heart of the witch

Phenomenal residue Ch #3: Hell Demon Alan and Arena
Phenomenal residue ch #4: Pearl of the full moon
Phenomenal residue ch #5: Pearl of the full moon
Phenomenal residue CH #6: STAR of Din eta accessory
Phenomenal residue Ch #7: Pearl of the full moon
Phenomenal residue ch #8: full heart of the witch
Phenomenal residue Ch #9: Infernal communicator
Phenomenal balance Ch #10: accessory rosary of Evil harvest
Phenomenal residue Ch # 11: The full heart of the witch
Phenomenal residue ch #12: full heart of the witch
Phenomenal residue Ch # 13: Time Garrity accessory
Phenomenal residue CH 14: Record collecting subject, hellish demon Kraken and Cassiopeia