Released on November 17th, a VR stealth action ESPIRE 2 that can also be multi -broken terrorists ambitions using the prosthesis!

TRIPWIRE PRESENTS has announced that it will be released on November 17, a local time for Meta QUEST 2 for the VR action Empire 2 designed by Digital Lode.

This is a sequel to the stealth action game EMPIRE 1: VR Operative set in the future. In order to prevent the world conquesting plan by the terrorist group PHIS, manipulate his remote control or EMPIRE frame as an operative POE to neutralize enemies with unique gadgets and real weapons. 。 You can enjoy a stealth experience unique to VR, such as free wall climbing and positive recognition of voice recognition.

Two types of EMPIRE frames with different properties have appeared, and it is important to dive into the enemy’s eyes by making use of their characteristics for each scene. In addition, it is equipped with a multiplayer mode that is not in the previous work, and you can also take charge of the frame one by one and proceed with the game. In addition, the VR drunk prevention function Control Theater mounted in the previous work has been inherited.

EMPIRE 2 will be released on November 17 local time for Meta Quest 2. The price is 2,990 yen, and pre-orders that are 10 % discount are also available.