Lol: Riot regrets having created these two objects, and a developer explains the reasons

Any League of Legends player who has been enjoying the title of Riot Games for a few years knows that not all the news that arrives at the video game ends up working. Throughout history there have been countless examples, among which the techno chemical dragon stands out in this same season 12. The curious thing is that, against what it might seem, developers do not usually hide when they believe they have made a mistake And we can even see that they speak openly about them with the community. It is something that has happened very recently with two objects.


two objects that had to ‘disappear’ by League of Legends

True is an employee of Riot Games who responds very common to the doubts of the players and recently found an interesting issue. In it a member of the community expressed his doubts about Swain’s combination with the Relay, which is quite annoying to face since the character can permanently slow down by activating the definitive 1. This League of Legends employee, however, said that among the developers there was no debate about it and proceeded to explain the situation.

This developer focused on explaining when an object is negative for League of Legends, and to make it easier to understand, he wanted to put two concrete examples: Dance of death and CortaSendas . Of course, it does not refer in any case to the current versions of the items, if not those that were available in past seasons. For example, the death dance suppressed too many weaknesses of the champions. He offered ‘Sustain’ with his theft of life, reduction of damage to 30% and interesting statistics. Thus, it became mandatory in many characters.

If many are thinking about the current version of the object as something similar, the truth is that the previous one was much more abusive. Now, at least, the champions that use it are forced to risk to get a decline. In addition, the item is quite expensive that offers little interesting statistics. However, the most problematic object in the recent history of League of Legends has undoubtedly been the cuttings. This item had an even more pronounced failure than the aforementioned dance of death and is that eliminated the main weakness of a champion .

It should be remembered that, for several months (from 10.23 to 11.13), the item offered the champions a displacement of 300 units similar to that of the hurricane wind. In this way, characters like Darius, Argot or Garden could eliminate the one of their only weaknesses. Of course, having been balanced based on their lack of reliable mobility tools, this type of heroes became some of the most terrifying of the game. Proof of this is that in just six months this displacement capacity was eliminated from League of Legends.

Everything is said, repentance is relative. There are many occasions when Riot Games knows that an object can be problematic, but considers that the attempt is worth it for its ability to improve the long-term game. After all, if they had never dared to break League of Legends rules, there would probably there would be no champions such as Lee Sin, Middle or Graves. In this sense, Exposing to making a mistake is crucial so that developers can offer the best version of their work.