All Snapchat emojis and their meanings, explained

You started some conversations, you added new people, you made a couple of friends and everything looks good in Snapchat. Someone could even sound interested in going beyond the limits of friendship. However, you are still new and, although Snapchat is easy and direct, there are still some pending questions, being the most important: what are all Snapchat emojis and their meanings?

Each Snapchat emojis and its meaning, explained

As you connect with more people in Snapchat and share silly snaps and other things, you will begin to notice that some emojis arise. You didn’t put them there, right? No, Snapchat does it automatically according to certain criteria.

Gold star (?
Birthday cake ( ???? )-Someone just aged! Go wish you a happy birthday.
Yellow Heart (?
Red Heart ( ❤️ )-After two weeks in a row of being ‘best friends’, the red heart emoji will appear.
Pink Hearts (?
Fire ( ???? )-If you and another person make Snap at least once a day. Forgetting Snap one day will break the streak.
One hundred (?
ARENA ()-This is a warning that your snaps streak is about to finish.
Baby ( ???? )-When the baby emoji appears, it means that you and another person are new friends in Snap cat.
Smiling face (?
Smiling face ( ???? )-something like the opposite of the smiling face emoji; That person sends you many snapshots, but you don’t respond so well.
Face making grimaces ( ???? )-An indication that you and another person have the same BFF #1. Just remember that it is not a competition; Nobody likes an authoritarian friend.
Smiling face with sunglasses ( ???? )-almost identical in nature to the face with faces. You and another person send many Snaps to the same best friend.
Pointy (? You have to anchor conversations personally, which will then appear at the top of your feed.

Now, you are expected to know and understand All Snapchat emojis and their meanings -You’re welcome. It will not spend much time before these Snapchat emojis are a second nature for you. More importantly, do not let these foolish emojis get in a good friendship. To get more guides, read how to get the dark mode in Snapchat or what are Snapchat points.

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