BIG PICTURE test version using Steam Deck user interface is available on Steam

Valve is available on Steam for a new Big Picture test version.

Big Picture is a mode for using Steam using TV and game controllers. It is a user interface with a high affinity with a large screen like a TV. This version uses the user interface of Steam Deck to improve new home screens, Steam stores optimized for controller operation, achievements and access to friend lists. It is easier to use than before, and it has a more sophisticated design.

In addition, it is a Japanese input function by the game pad that was supported by Steam Deck, but when I tried it, it was not yet supported in this version.

The new BIG PICTURE test version can be used by taking the following steps:

  1. Participate in Steam client beta.

2. Edit the Steam boot shortcut and add the next starting parameter.


In addition, the test version seems to be feedback from the community and make further improvements. Also pay attention to future updates.