The best team for creating a harbor in Valorant

With the debut of Harbor on October 18, 2022, at the beginning of Valorant Episode 5, Act 3, next week you can expect significant changes in the current meta. Especially when choosing control agents, since Harbor’s abilities are unique and probably replaced by Water as a second controller in most compounds. So, if you are trying to play for Harbor and want to build around it, you can start with copying one of the following compositions.

The best team for Harbor

Composition of the command 1

  • Knockout
  • Camera
  • Astra
  • Rail/Jet
  • Harbor

This is an aggressive line in which Harbor replaces Viper as an additional controller. It is easy to enter with two duels and capture any site. You can suffer a little on the defensive half, so cover most of the points in the attack.

The best cards : Haven, Ascent, Pearl, Icebox and Bind.

Composition of the command 2

  • Camera
  • Killjoy
  • omen

  • Harbor
  • Sky/Owl

This is a unique composition of the re-capture team, which copes with a repeated capture, using both Killjoy and Harbor. The only drawback is that you will not have a second duelist, and your KJ should play this role effectively.

The best cards : breeze, fracture, ascent, ice box and binding.

Composition of the command 3

* Jet
* Harbor
* Sky/Owl
* Sulfur
* Neon

In this line, we combine Harbor with Brimstone to create a unique combination of smoke. This will be a slow rotation based on the ability of your two initiators to collect information.

The best cards : FRACTURE, Haven, Icebox and Bind.

Composition of the command 4

  • Harbor
  • Astra/Omen
  • Camera
  • Neon
  • Sage

Like the previous one, it is also a traditional composition. Use the sage as a second duelist to promote sites, and Harbor as an agent-melting.

The best cards : Pearl, Icebox, Bind and Ascent.

Composition of the command 5

  • Jet
  • Violation
  • Owl/neon
  • Harbor
  • Killjoy/Cypher

This is the only composition in the list in which Harbor is the only smoker. This line is quite difficult to execute, since Harbor is rather a secondary controller than the main 1. However, with the help of jet smoke gases and Breach outbreaks, you can make it work.

The best cards : Ice box and Chavez.

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