Idoli Pride launches a new 5 -star character in Korea

Neo wiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, BAE Tae-hyun), and the mobile game ‘IDOL PRIDE’, developed by Quality Arts (CEO Such OK Shiatsu), announced on the 14th that it has launched a new five-star character in Korea.

First, Idol Pride users will be able to acquire Nāgas MANA, a new 5-star character in Korea, through premium casting until November 15th. You can also get a variety of items needed to foster idols.

The ‘pilgrimage event’ is being held to commemorate Nāgas MANA’s birthday. After taking a commemorative photo with Nāgas MANA Banner on the lobby of Neo wiz Pang yo Tower, you can upload a certified shot to the official idol pride community. Since then, one user who has received the most post buffs (likes) will provide an Idol Fried Goods set.

At the same time, if you enter the coupon code in the postcard attached to the Nāgas MANA Banner, you can receive a special title (a kind of sign) such as ‘Chimamanda’. Participation period for the pilgrimage event is until October 31st (Mon).

Meanwhile, ‘Idol Pride’ is an idol development simulation RPG that contains the story after the original Japanese animation of the same name. The user is a manager and grows up with the girls who sing to become the best idol.

For more information about the Idol Pride Content Update, visit the official community.