Medieval Dynasty: Build houses and buildings – thats how it works

In Medieval Dynasty you build your own village in a peaceful valley. That likes your game character Racier because he fled into the valley before the war. However, you first need a roof over your head, because what would a mayor be without his own house? In this guide to the buildings in Medieval Dynasty you can find out:

  • Which buildings there are
  • How you build it
  • Which order in construction makes sense

So that you are optimally prepared for the construction of your first village, have a look in our guide with tips and tricks for Medieval Dynasty!

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Best location in Medieval Dynasty: Where do I build the first house?

You lay the foundation for your medieval city with your first house in Medieval Dynasty. First go to the nearby city of Gastonia and speak to Castellano Unrest to start the main quest . He will leave you a piece of land on which you can build a new life. Now it is up to you to find a suitable location. You should pay attention to the following things:

water is the elixir of life

Since there are still no water pipes in the Middle Ages, your first accommodation should be near a river or lake . To survive, you (and your later inhabitants) have to drink regularly. You can also build fishing in the further course of the game if there is a water nearby. This not only provides your villagers with enough water, but also with sufficient food.

distances play a role

So that you are not for ages to trade with other villages, your village should be within walking distance **. This also becomes important as soon as you want to recruit villagers.

raw materials in sufficient quantities

At the same time, you need surfaces to create fields and build new buildings. In addition, a densely covered forest should be nearby, because you need a lot of wood to expand your hut into a village.

Finally, you need a stone occurrence in the area if you want to build more advanced buildings.

which location is recommended?

Especially when you are new in Medieval Dynasty, it is advisable to settle in in the vicinity of the first village . Since you can quickly find your way around, at Unrest you can pay for taxes and several retailers and a fire to recruit villagers are available, you should stay nearby.

If you open the card with the M button, you can see a lake east. The northwestern bank is the perfect location for your first village. We have marked the optimal location on this map:

Tools are the be-all and end-all in Medieval Dynasty

As soon as you have arrived at the perfect place for your house, you start to farm the resources for the construction. To do this, you need a stone ax that you can make from sticks and stones. With this you can then fell trees and get the tree trunks and sticks together that you need for your house. In addition, you need a wooden hammer , because only with it, you can build buildings.

In the beginning, your house consists of thin walls of sticks. In order not to have to upgrade them later, you can also equip your house directly with wooden walls . To do this, you must have equipped the wooden hammer and select one of the walls of your house. Then press the E button and select the Walls menu and then the wooden wall. These cost wood trunks instead of sticks, but are also much more stable. Wooden houses are extremely important, especially for the dwelling of your later villagers, as they increase satisfaction.

Which buildings do I build after my first house?

When your house is standing, you devote yourself to the quests and the resource collecting-so you put on a solid foundation of materials and drive the story forward. In the meantime, you should plan to plan where you later want to build the other buildings of your settlement. You should set up houses as close as possible. It helps if you imagine an imaginary village center. Or you use a large stone or a single tree as an orientation point.

In addition, when designing buildings , you should zoom out of your character . This brings you a little more overview where you put the building. In addition to the houses, you can also build production buildings in which your villagers pursue their work. The most important buildings are:

Wood scales *: You need so that your villagers produce wood independently. This is essential so that your village can continue to grow. Places the scales near trees.
Food warehouse : Here is the name. Since food can spoil in Medieval Dynasty and the grocery warehouse slows down this process, you should build it as quickly as possible. Make yourself well next to the barn and fields.
Scene : So that your villagers can grow plants for you and process them further, you urgently need a barn. You should also build this promptly. Build it on a flat surface where you also want to build the fields.
Jagdhütte *: Not only cares with meat, but also with leather-this is essential for clothing, among other things. Build the hunting lodge a little off the sidelines, near the forests.
Material warehouse: * There you all not store goods. Built next to the workshops and forging of your village.

In the later course of the game you need more buildings, like the mine. Minerals are broken down there that are required for higher technologies. However, you have to reach this near a cave. You can find a complete list of buildings by opening the Barmen with the Q button and selecting Building .

more buildings needed-the construction limit

Especially at the beginning you shouldn’t overdo it with the buildings. In Medieval Dynasty, your settlement has a construction limit, i.e. a maximum number of buildings that you can build at this point. This number is closely calculated at the beginning of the game: you can only build five buildings at the start.

So that you do not get into a bottleneck, first place your focus on the basic needs of your villagers : sleeping places and food. Also take care of the production of wood as quickly as possible. This not only saves yourself a lot of time, but also fulfills another need for the residents: firewood with which you can heat your houses.

A good construction order with which we have optimally built our village:

ESTES HAS> Second House> Food bearings> Material warehouse> Holy Fall hut> Scene

increase the construction limit

So that your village can grow, you have to increase your construction limit. This works using the main missions . There you get different points of the story quests that increase the construction limit. In addition, you can also increase the construction limit in the game settings . However, you still have to do the quests so that you can unlock the maximum building slots.

By the way, fields are not part of the construction limit , so you can build as many of them as you want. You also unlock more buildings.

unlock buildings: This is how it works

Before you start building, you have to unlock the buildings in Medieval Dynasty. This works with the help of the technology system , which has a certain similarity to the level system of the survival game: the more you work in a category, the better you become and the more buildings you unlock. The following categories and options for improvement are available:

Technology tree activation options
Construction technology Failing the trees, operate mining, digging tone, building buildings
Survival technology Hunt animals, put traps, fishing
Agricultural technology Plowing and fertilizing the fields, sowing, harvesting crops, milking of animals, sheep shock
Production technology Production of objects, cooking

As soon as you have reached the technology level to build a special building, you only have to buy the Plan for bare coin and can then build it directly. Of course, you need the right materials for this.

TIP : You can easily level the agricultural technology-just build fields and then tear it off again. For each built field you get points in the agricultural technology tree.

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