Why abomination went to Kamar-Taj in She

The SHE-HULK Final Credit Scene shows Emil Blocky’s prison leak while undertaking another adventure with Wong. But, you may ask, Why did he abomination go to Samaritan? The only way to answer this question is to observe the relationship of the two characters and what this could mean for the future of the MCU.

Explanation of Emil Blocky’s escape to Samaritan

Source: Marvel Studios

The first time we are presented with Emil and Wong’s relationship is in a Shang-Chi scene and The Legend of the Ten Rings, where they fight each other in a tournament. However, despite their confrontation, the two are friends with each other and go to Samaritan to practice their fighting skills.

This moment is no longer discussed until episode 3 of She-Hulk, which explains what really happened between the characters. In this episode, we learned that Wong force Emil from prison in advance because he needed a powerful opponent for his training as a supreme sorcerer. As a result, this instance would then negatively impact Blocky’s life since the government believed that he escaped the installation on his own terms.


Taking into account all these aspects, it is implicit that abomination goes to Samaritan at the end of She-Hulk due to his friendship with Wong, where they can continue with their training . This relationship also explains why Wong helped Emil out of prison for the second time because he feels responsible for his unjust sentence in the third episode.

Will abomination be on another Marvel television or movie program?

Currently, There are no concrete details about the return of abomination to MCU in other films or television programs but it could appear once again if there is a season 2 of She-Hulk. Based on the end of the end, it seems that Emil will stay in Samaritan for a long time since he asks about Wi-Fi accommodation., And Wong talks about the shared fridge within the establishment.

That is enough for our guide on Why abomination went to go to Samaritan in She-Hulk . If you want to get more content about the end of the program, you can consult our summary of the episode and discover what the canon is in the end.

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