There is no Woo Young -woo in reality… Insurance and card company mandatory employment rates for people with disabilities

The level of employment of the insurers and card companies was far less than 3.1%, which is a mandatory employment rate.

According to the financial industry on the 14th, there were no insurers and card companies that met a 3.1%mandatory employment rate for the disabled in the first half of this year.

The mandatory employment system for the disabled is a system that imposes obligations to hire the disabled to a certain percentage of people with disabilities to national and local governments, public institutions and private business owners. This will be charged for compliance.

On the contrary, incentives are paid to those who have overtime, regardless of size.

According to the FSS, the employment rate of the disabled in 12 domestic life and non-life insurers in the first half of this year was only 1.61%. Based on large insurance companies, Samsung Fire & Marine recorded 2.54%, Samsung Life Insurance 2.35%, and DB Insurance 2.14%.

Many insurance companies are less than 2%employment. Hyundai Maritime was 1.72%, Merit Fire 1.2%, Hanna Life 1.05%, and Kyoto Life’s 1.00%employment rate.

In addition, the employment rate of the disabled in Shanahan Life and Mira Asset Life Insurance is more serious. It was 0.78%and 0.75%, less than 1%, respectively.

Card companies are similar. Samsung Card recorded 2.9%and BC cards 2.2%, and Shanahan Card and Haney Card showed a low employment rate of 1.1%.

An official in the financial industry who requested anonymity said, There are more companies that think that it is better to pay a levy rather than hiring people with disabilities who have lacked production capacity.

In fact, many companies do not fill the mandatory employment rate and pay a levy. Last year, large domestic insurers paid for the disabled because they could not meet the employment rate of the disabled. This is an increase of 21.7% from 6,157.7 billion won, three years ago.

In particular, Kyoto Life, which has spent more than 1 billion won every year since 2018, has paid 1.2 billion won this year, and has made the most contributions.

Despite the fact that the amount of contributions is not small, many of the companies that have abandoned the mandatory high rate have been continuously continuing to continue.

In addition, the suitable personnel recommendation system for the expansion of employment of workers with disabilities should be actively operated.

An official of the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled said, The education improvement education in the workplace should be prioritized, but most of them are not.

The government should also reorganize the number of special screenings for the disabled, and actively guide the company to prepare employment models, recommend suitable personnel and integrated employment support services.