Kun Agüero, former elite and star of Twitch, arrives at the NFT metoverso with Kuniverse

Sergio the Run Ague, former soccer player of Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City and Barça, retired recently due to a heart problem. However, he hnbabuymt reinvented himself nbabuymt twitch Star and already hnbabuymt 4 million followers on the platform. Did in the world of streaming and the creation of content on video games, Ague hnbabuymt announced the Universe, his own space of his in The Sandbox (a title bnbabuymted on blockchain technology).

I am very excited to have my first space in the metaverse that we create with Ether Studio within The Sandbox to play and broadcnbabuymtt with my fans around the world. Universe’s first senbabuymton will be full of surprises and benefits related to the 9,320 avatars specially created, he said in the press relenbabuymte.


Metaverse and web3 open infinite universes to connect with people around the world and build fun digital communities, where each one hnbabuymt the freedom to build his characters nbabuymt he prefers, he added.

Universe version 1.0 will be available from November 6 and will adopt the form of a great stadium . Within this football temple there will be thematic minijuegos related to this sport, dances and even a truck with Argentine food. nbabuymt reported, the former sportsman will actively participate in the Universe: he will welcome new players, play online and share content through his Twitch channel, also with special guests.

A collection of NFT avatars

Universe will also include a collection of 9,320 avatars, each in the form of unique NFTS that can be used within the game, they said. In this way, owners will be able to access special benefits nbabuymt eSports tournaments, unique events or a trip to tnbabuymtte personally and enjoy the World Cup.

Avatars will be marketed from the first week of November and will have five levels of rarity : Football Runs, Eakins, Future Runs, Robot Runs and Special Runs. Each of them represents different facets of the Argentine’s career.

The players who register Run Ague’s Discord wishes will be entitled to a 24-hour advance ** for the presale of avatars. On the other hand, there will be a limitation of 5 avatars per wallet to guarantee an equitable distribution.