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Survival Spanish horror atl black: infernum drags us into the abyss in its new trailer

In the times, no longer surprises that every day we see more and more horror games, nor that The development of video games in Spain leaves us new samples of their talent. Proof of this is Black Atl: Infernal , a survival horror in the first person developed by Night Council Studio, a team formed by various creatives among which we find writers, illustrators, programmers…

The launch of the game is scheduled to see the light next year and will begin its financing campaign through Kickstarter in the next few days (you can follow and support the project in this link). Above these lines you cansee your trailer *, and then we offer some details about your history, mechanics and other interest data.

What is ATL Black: Infernal?

Atl Black: Infernal is a video game signed to the genre of Survival Horror in the first person, and whose argument is inspired by the fiction universe created from the novels, anthologies and stories that make up the Radiate saga, to which it belongs Black Atl , we can read on the Álvaro Patricio, Game Designer website and scriptwriter team coordinator.

About the story, in which the paranormal phenomena will not be missing , the synopsis says: We will take control of an anonymous protagonist who, after having been kidnapped and subjected to all kinds of torture, finds that the Door of your cell is open, and your kidnappers are dead. Although he does not have the most remote idea of where he is, when leaving the cell he discovers that he is in some kind of huge solar house, closed to lime and singing and totally abandoned.

Exploration, puzzles resolution, object search, escape mechanics… The title will offer the usual ingredients of the genus Survival Horror and will take us to a house located between Burgos and Exagray , in which the main objective will be to escape from it. With regard to the visual address, the study refers to proper names such Layers of Fear, SOMA, Outlt 2, Bios hock and observe some of its sources of inspiration.