Back to the Future actors have emotional meeting

More than 30 years have passed since Back to the Future arrived at movie theaters in 1985. Since then, Robert Yemenis has become a classic. Now, during the New York Comic-with that took place last weekend, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the actors of Marty McFly and Doc Brown respectively, had an emotional meeting.

In a special presentation, Fox and Lloyd not only took advantage of the event to meet, but also had the opportunity to answer several questions from the audience. However, the most striking thing about his panel was listening to the two actors to talk about the first interaction between them **. This was what Fox commented:

Nobody wants to make an exhibition because it is boring… the bad thing is that you retain everything, because he is so good in that, and is brilliantly entertaining… I would say, I have to take care of myself, because this guy will take me out of the stage.

For his part, Lloyd commented:

I didn’t know Michael apart from listening to him. There was immediate chemistry, as they say.

Similarly, fans did not miss the opportunity to share on social networks a series of photos and videos of the event , as well as messages of joy, support and tears when seeing these two actors on the same stage once plus.

The best.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd gathered today in New York City in Comic with…

If you were a teenager in 1985, then Michael J. Fox was your boy. Marty McFly to return to the future is the coolest teenager in the history of cinema.

Seeing him hugging Christopher Lloyd that is so beautiful.

Back To The Future

Michael J Fox met with Christopher Lloyd today at #NYCC2022.

I love reunions.

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Editor’s note:

Like any other fan of back to the future, it is always pleasant to see these two actors gather. The three films of this series were part of my childhood, and although these two have participated in more tapes, for me, and for many, Marty and Doc will always be.