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What is in Happy Meal Halloween 2022? Classic cubes explained

Nothing returns to people like nostalgia. In an official tweet this morning, which can be seen below, McDonald’s confirmed the expected return of these old but memorable faces: Happy Meal Halloween cubes. So what are exactly Happy Meal Halloween cubes ? We are here to tell you.

McDonald’s-Explanation of Happy Meal de Halloween Cubes

Halloween 2016 was the last time people in the United States could have one of these spooky cubes in their hands, but they won’t have to wait for much more. That is because October 18 will return for two weeks, while running out.

Guess who will return

-McDonald’s (@Mcdonalds) October 6, 2022

So what is the problem? For the first time in six years, McDonald’s brings back a classic of all time. Add a fun and spooky promotion, and everything is ready. This is where things begin to differ slightly from normal and non-spooky Happy Meals.

Now, customers can take home one of these cubes instead of the traditional boxes. And with each purchase of Happy Meal, of course, customers also usually receive a toy. Add these cubes and, suddenly, you will have another place to potentially store all your Halloween delicacies.

Because again, they were fashionable in the 1990s. Just look at this announcement of the YouTube 90s Nostalgia account. Fun!

So that is all you need to know about The classic cubes of Happy Meal Halloween 2022 in McDonald’s . Are you excited to get a little creepy? Do you plan to get one? Don’t be afraid to tell us below!

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