Metro Exodus Anymator, Ukraine Defense Warrior

It is reported that the 4A Games developer Andre Corentin, who worked as an animator in games such as Metro Exodus, was killed during the Ukrainian defense operation.

It was his colleague and friend Leonid Stefano who announced the obituary of Corinvinin. Stefano said on his personal Twitter account: Andre Corentin was killed during combat operations for Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial defense. He was a talented animator, a wonderful person, and a real hero. Friends, comfortably rest. We will all miss you.

Technical designer Vital Veda, a 4A Games, was also a memorial to him in the online space. Kinda said, I became acquainted with him as I worked with Metro Exodus. His positive attitude always gave me the power to continue, and I didn’t hesitate to face professional and personal difficulties.

Corinvinkin began his 3D animator career by producing TV series CG in Ukraine’s pixel ling studio. In 2017, he entered the game industry as he joined the 4A Games as a senior animator.


His representative small, the 2019 Open World Survival Action . After the invasion of Russia in early 2022, it was reported that he had been volunteering and enlisted in the Ukrainian army.

Metro Exodus is the last work of the Metro Game Series, which adapted the SF fantasy novel Metro 2033, which depicted Russia after the nuclear war. Compared to its predecessors, it was planned for the size of the triple A, which has a graphic level and graphic level.

The game industry in the two countries is moaning due to the Ukrainian Russian War. According to internal reports of Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin urgently announces partial mobilization orders, and local industry men are seeking ways to escape overseas or get a conscription. The Ukrainian developer GSC Game World, which is producing Stalker 2, has been shown to move to the Czech Republic and continue to develop.

Meanwhile, concerns that nuclear use or nuclear wars that have appeared in games and fictions will continue to become a reality. President Putin has expressed concern about the possibility of using nuclear weapons based on the defense of these regions as President Putin votes in four states, including Donetsk, Luhansk, Capo Lisa, and Person.