How to earn money quickly in Phasmophobia

The team in Homophobia can make or undo its effectiveness and performance in its paranormal research, but technology is not cheap. You can earn money by starting (and surviving) investigations if you hope to use the most advanced team of the game. However, it takes time, so here is how to earn quick money in Homophobia.

Get fast money in Homophobia

If you hope to leave with a great payment day in Homophobia, you will need a little preliminary work before you can start accumulating effective at a good pace. To earn money quickly, you will have to take advantage of Homophobia’s difficulty: the greater the difficulty, the more money you will earn during an investigation, even if you do not photograph a ghost.


* Unlock the difficulty ‘nightmare’ in Homophobia.

To do this, you must reach level 14. When establishing the difficulty in Nightmare, the money that will multiply exponentially. Until then, it is a great opportunity to become familiar with the smallest maps in Homophobia.

* After choosing a small map, don’t worry about bringing equipment.

All you need is a camera. Small maps include: Teasdale Farmhouse, Camp Woodwind, Edge field Street House, Grafton Farmhouse, Ridge view Road House, Tangle weed Street House, Willow Street House and the restricted version of Sunny Meadow’s Mental Institution.

* When the investigation begins, go directly to the paranormal activity.

The objective is to take photos of each one of the paranormal activities with which you are, which include: bone, cursed elements and interactions. If you can take photos of the ghosts, great, but it is not mandatory. Bonus points if your partners die; The photos of your bodies are worth a lot of money.

That is all that must be understood How to earn fast money in Homophobia. Although it is dangerous to establish the high difficulty, some good photos can generate more than $100 per investigation. To get more guides about Homophobia, read how the players report works in the game, then improve your knowledge with each question and phrase of Spirit Box you can use.

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