A brand-new SF-MMO looks like Halo as well as Starfield-watch the first trailer with shooter

The MMO Earth from One more Sun was offered in a very first trailer. The video game looks damn stylish and shows action-packed shooter gameplay.

Not every person should be enthusiastic, since the designers describe that the game needs to be based on blockchain technology. Which is currently not complementing numerous players.


Planet from One More Sun is to come to be a brand-new sci-fi MMO. The developers have now provided their very first trailer for the video game. This is amazingly vivid as well as must make several of you want more of it.

New Activity MMO intends to make use of Loop gameplay with Loop and also PVP

  • You can develop and also command your own army as well as hence dominate international planets.
  • Additionally, you can dive into co-op shooter fights with other players with three close friends. According to the programmer, approximately 1000 devices are claimed to be on the battlefield.
  • According to developers, there must also be several PVP modes such as Fight Royale as well as Arenas.

What about blockchain? The developers write in their official blog that Earth from Another Sun need to be a substantial blockchain-supported sci-fi franchise. NFTS must certainly contribute, however they are disliked for several gamers. At the very least the programmers clarify that they desire to depend on them (through efas.io).

** When is the game appearing? It must only be an issue of time before we get more of it.

What does the brand-new MMO offer? The development team behind Earth from Another Sun discusses on its official website that it ought to be a Sandbox game.

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The MMO Planet from One more Sun was presented in an initial trailer. What does the brand-new MMO offer? The advancement group behind Planet from One more Sun clarifies on its main internet site that it needs to be a Sandbox game. The designers create in their official blog site that Planet from Another Sun ought to be a substantial blockchain-supported sci-fi franchise business.