Vitalizing Musk Starlink on Iran Internet access blocking

As the protests of the public continued in the case of a woman who was arrested by the police for not using Hijab properly, the authorities blocked the Internet access, and Tesla chief executive (CEO) CEO and private spaces X founder Dillon Musk were Iran. I went out for citizens.


On the 24th, Musk replied to Twitter, Activating Starlink, on Twitter when the US Secretary of State Tony’s Secretary of State Tony would support the Iran’s Internet freedom.

He will provide Star Links, a satellite Internet service, to help Iranians. Earlier, the US Treasury said that the range of Starlink is a commercial grade, which is a hardware that does not contain a regular license.

Soon, the State Department concluded that if the license standards meet the requirements stated by autonomous execution, anyone can work without requesting permission. Secretary of State Bryon said, Iranian people want to promote the free flow of Internet freedom and information.

Musk supported Ukraine to Ukraine earlier this year when Russia invaded Ukraine, allowing citizens to use the Internet. Reuters reported that Starlink hasn’t been decided yet, whether it will work in Iran.