Dark Souls III PC servers are deactivated again due to new problems

The official Twitter account of Dark Souls has announced that the servers of their third installment in PC , through Steam , have been deactivated again. The news, which implies the impossibility of using online functions until this error is subset, comes shortly after its servers were reactivated after seven months closed.

Unlike the previous occasion, now the exact details of this new inconvenience are not known, beyond that they are investigating the origin of the problem and that will inform us as soon as there are more available details.

The game servers have been closed during the vast majority of 2022, until on August 25 they announced their reactivation, which has lasted just under a month. Recall that this came because of a exploit known as RCE (remote code execution, remote code execution), which in January this year was discovered that it could allow third parties to sneak through holes from the users who left the online connections of the game. Although from From soft they already had evidence of this, it did not finish generating many risks until the discoverer of this vulnerability put him into practice to take control of a Twitch emission.

From that moment, the online services of the entire Dark Souls’ saga on PC were temporarily deactivated, although the third installment is the only one that has been able to breathe during a little meter; Of the others, for the moment, they have not shared news again, and the last thing they warned was that the team was working to restore these functions for all other Dark Souls titles, and would notify when they are in service again.