Hybrid sisters stylish Hakusura ACT Soulstice released! Manipulate two souls and confront the evil enemies

Modes Games has released a trailer for PC (Steam)/overseas PS5/Xbox Series X | S Stylish Hasura ACT Solstice by Reply Game Studios.

This work is a stylish Hasura Action inspired by the classic dark fantasy in Japan. Operated the sisters of Brian and Lute , which was reborn as the hybrid warrior Chimera born by the two souls, and stood up to protect humanity from powerful monsters called Was. Increase.

The player operates the two characters at the same time, Briley specializes in melee attacks and combo, and Lute fights using the abilities of the different world. Occasionally, the power is performed with power to open the true power of a chimera. Weapons and abilities can be unlocked or upgraded during play, and can be switched even during combo, so in some cases it can cause great damage to the enemy. As you explore the city of the ruined Alden and solve various mysteries, the truth of the story of Brian and Lute will be revealed. The sister’s voice is in charge of Stephanie Torsten, the role of Quiet, Metal Gear Solid 5 .

The stylish Hasura ACT SOLSTICE where hybrid sisters are active is currently being distributed to PC (Steam)/overseas PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The Japanese package/download version Solstice: Deluxe Edition for PS5 and Solstice for downloading are scheduled to be released on November 24, 2022.