[Issue] Streamer follicle Lineage M, protests against promotions

The truck, which was aid again in Pang yo, which had recently gathered a topic with a wagon demonstration. The target of this truck demonstration is NC soft’s Lineage M.

This is the Streamer follicle that sent a truck to NC soft. Known to be charged more than 7 billion won in Lineage M, he has announced that he will declare an indiscriminate PK without any charges unless the memory system is eliminated at the time of the ‘Lineage M’ pattern. This time he sent a teenage truck with his homeopathy. Eight trucks were placed in front of the main gate of NC soft and two on the back door.


The reason he sent a teenage truck was because of the recent promotion through Lineage 2M. Since ‘Lineage M’, ‘Lineage 2M’ and ‘Lineage W’ are all games at the core of competition, billing has a big impact on the game’s competition. From small to individuals to hemorrhage and forces. He has no choice but to influence the competition, but the developer, NC soft, pays an advertising fee to a specific streamer and proceeds with item drawing through promotions.

In this regard, the follicle said on his YouTube channel, If the promotion had been from the beginning, I might have played the game while maintaining the billing. There are only two things, he said. I finally chose to fold, and now I want to send the story we wanted to do as a truck to NC soft.

The follicle said in a call with the tory, It’s not special for NC soft. I just want to play games in a fair environment without promotions, just as I did Lineage M without a promotion for the last five years. Although I folded Lineage M, I decided to send a truck for the remaining blood source and user, he added.

The promotion itself said that NC soft can do it for advertising effects. But if Lineage M had a promotion from the beginning, he drew a line that he wouldn’t have used the amount he paid so far. In some ways, my blood source is a VIP customer, he said. But I don’t know why VIP customers do this malicious behavior.

The follicles said that regulations should be developed in the promotion system. Regulations are the way promotions are played or displayed on separate servers. The follicles stressed that there is no legal sanctions in the current promotion, and I think there should be minimal means of monitoring. The truck demonstration will be held for three days.